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 1st Reduction Camera  in Optical Mask Generation Tools  (no items)

 4 & 6 Point Probes  in Resistivity Testers  (2)

 50 Cycle 3 Phase Transformers  in 3-Phase Transformers  (no items)

 60 Cycle Single Phase Transformers  in Single Phase Transformers  (no items)

 AC Electric Motors - Other  in Other Motors  (1)

 AC In,AC Out  in Power Converters  (no items)

 AC In,DC Out  in Power Converters  (no items)

 AC Power Supplies  in Power Supplies  (6)

 Accessories for Air/Gas Compressors  in Parts for Air and Gas Compressors  (no items)

 Acid Wet Stations  in Wafer Cleaners  (10)

 Adv Str Pass/Photo Resist Strip Chamber Components  in Chamber Components  (no items)

 Adv Str Pass/Photo Strip Kit Components  in Process Kit Components  (no items)

 Air & Vacuum Circuit Breakers (To 1000 Volts)  in Air & Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Open  (no items)

 Air / Pneumatic Hoses  in Hoses  (no items)

 Air Break Switches  in Switches  (no items)

 Air Compressors - Other  in Air Compressors  (no items)

 Air Conditioning Condensers & Evaporator Fans  in Small Special Purpose Motors  (no items)

 Air Cooled Heat Exchanger  in Heat Exchangers  (no items)

 Air Dryers  in Dryers  (no items)

 Air Filtration  in Clean Room Equipment  (3)

 Air&Vacum Circuit Brkrs, Cubicles (1000V to 5000V)  in Air & Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Cubicle  (no items)

 Air&Vacum Circuit Brkrs, Cubicles (To 1000 Volts)  in Air & Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Cubicle  (no items)

 Air&Vacuum Circuit Breakers (1000V to 5000V)  in Air & Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Open  (no items)

 Air&Vacuum Circuit Breakers (Above 5000V)  in Air & Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Open  (no items)

 Air&Vacuum Circuit Brkrs, Cubicles (Above 5000V)  in Air & Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Cubicle  (no items)

 Air/Gas Flow Valves - Other  in Valves  (no items)

 Alkaline batteries  in Primary Power Batteries  (no items)

 Analog Test Systems  in Device Testers  (no items)

 Analytical Wafer Probers  in Manual Probers  (17)

 Analyzers - Other  in Analyzers  (2)

 and Mixed Lots of Distribution Transformer - Other  in Transformers  (no items)

 Assembly / Hybrid - Other  in Semiconductor / Hybrid Assembly Equipment  (10)

 Assembly Materials  in Semiconductor / Hybrid Assembly Equipment  (no items)

 Assembly Test Tools - Other  in Assembly Test  (2)

 Atmospheric Pressure CVD Tools  in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment  (no items)

 Atmospheric Vaporizers  in Vaporizers  (no items)

 Atomic Absorption  in Spectrophotometers  (no items)

 Autoclaves / Sterilizers  in Laboratory Equipment  (1)

 Automated Coating and Developing Cluster System  in Photoresist Coater/Developers  (1)

 Automatic Ball Bonders  in Ball Bonders  (2)

 Automatic Epoxy Die Bonders  in Epoxy Die Bonders  (4)

 Automatic Eutectic Die Bonders  in Eutectic Die Bonders  (1)

 Automatic Flip Chip Bonders  in Flip Chip Bonders  (1)

 Automatic Test Equipment - Other  in Automatic Test Equipment  (3)

 Automatic Wafer Inspection Tools  in Microscope Inspection Tools  (4)

 Automatic Wafer Probers  in Wafer Probers  (7)

 Automatic Wedge Bonders  in Wedge Bonders  (3)

 Axial Component Handlers  in Device Handlers  (no items)

 Balances  in Laboratory Equipment  (1)

 Ball valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Barrel Resist Strippers  in Plasma Resist Strippers  (13)

 Barrel/Box Plasma Etchers  in Plasma Etch Equipment  (8)

 Batch Ovens  in Ovens  (2)

 Bath and Chiller Equipment - Other  in Baths, Chillers and Circulators  (no items)

 Bath/Circulators  in Baths, Chillers and Circulators  (16)

 Battery Chargers  in Batteries and Accessories  (no items)

 Bearings  in Hardware  (42)

 Belleville Washers  in Washers  (1)

 Belt Ovens  in Ovens  (1)

 Benchtop Diffusion Furnaces  in Diffusion Furnaces  (no items)

 Benchtop LPVCD Furnaces  in LPCVD Furnaces  (no items)

 Benchtop PECVD Tools  in PECVD Tools  (no items)

 Benchtop RTP Tools  in Rapid Thermal Processing Equipment  (1)

 Blanket Heaters  in Heaters  (no items)

 Blowers - Other  in Blowers  (2)

 Boiler Feed Centrifugal Pumps  in Special Purpose Liquid Pumps  (no items)

 Bolted Pressure Contact Switches  in Switches  (no items)

 Bolts  in Hardware  (1)

 Brackets  in Hardware  (48)

 Brushes  in Hardware  (1)

 Bubble Testers  in Leak Detectors  (no items)

 Bulbs  in Parts and Accessories, Microscope  (no items)

 Bulkhead Fittings  in Fittings  (no items)

 Burn-In Ovens  in Ovens  (8)

 Bushings  in Hardware  (1)

 Butterfly valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Cable Assembly  in Wiring/Interconnect  (298)

 Camera Lenses  in Parts and Accessories, Microscope  (no items)

 Cameras and Controllers  in Optical Microscopes  (3)

 Cap screws  in Screws  (2)

 Cap Welders  in Welders  (no items)

 Capacitance Gauge Controllers  in Vacuum Gauge Controllers  (4)

 Capacitance Gauges  in Vacuum Gauges  (45)

 Capacitors  in Discrete Electronic Components  (3)

 Cartridge Heaters  in Heaters  (no items)

 CD Measurement - Other  in Critical Dimension Measurement Equipment  (no items)

 Centerless Grinders - Other  in Centerless Grinders  (no items)

 Centerless Grinders Accessories  in Centerless Grinders  (no items)

 Centrifugal Multi-stage Gas Compressors  in Natural Gas Compressors  (no items)

 Centrifugal Pumps  in Water Pumps  (1)

 Centrifugal Single-stage Gas Compressors  in Natural Gas Compressors  (no items)

 Centrifuges  in Assembly Test  (2)

 Chamber Components - Other  in Chamber Components  (31)

 Chambers - Other  in Environmental Test Chambers  (12)

 Check Valves  in Valves  (1)

 Chemical Fume Hoods  in Laboratory Equipment  (3)

 Chemical Handling Equipment - Other  in Chemical Handling Equipment  (no items)

 Chemical Vapor Deposition Chamber Components  in Chamber Components  (3)

 Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment - Other  in Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment  (16)

 Chemical Vapor Deposition Kit Components  in Process Kit Components  (13)

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under ALL CATEGORIES:
TEXUS CO., LTD., Advanced Energy, Advantest, AG Associates, Alcatel, Applied Materials, Inc., Astex, Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Balzers, Bausch & Lomb, Inc, Blue M, Branson/IPC, Brooks Automation, Brooks Instrument, Bruce (BTI), CGA Corporation, CKD, Clippard, Compact Air Products, CTI Cryogenics, Despatch, DNS, DuPont, Dwyer, Eaton, Ebara, Edwards, Electronic Measurements Inc, ENTEGRIS, Fluoroware, FSI, Fusion Systems Inc., Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, General Electric, Granville Phillips, Greene, Tweed Technologies, Inc., Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, HPS, Humphrey Products Co, Ion Systems, Keithley, Keyence, KLA-Tencor, Kulicke & Soffa, Kurt Lesker, LAM, Leybold, Littelfuse, Logitech, Materials Research Corp, MDC, Millipore, MKS Instruments, Inc., Motorola, Neslab, Nikon, Nor-Cal Products, Novellus Systems, Inc., Oerlikon Leybold, Olympus, Omega, Omron, OPTO 22, Osram, PACIFIC RUBBER, Pall Corporation, Parker, Phoenix Contact, Pillar, Plasma-Therm, Prometrix, Prometrix Corporation, Prominent, Semitool, Signet, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Sorensen, SUNX, Swagelok, Swagelok Company, The, SwitchCraft, Tel, Telemecanique Inc, Terra Universal Inc., Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, TOSOH, Trebor, UC Components, Unit Instruments, Unknown, Varian, VAT, Westinghouse, Wild, Zeiss