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Laboratory Equipment

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50 Liter Cryogenic Dewar

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Laboratory Equipment:
Advanced Energy, Aerofeed, Ltd., Air Control Inc., Airco, Anatech Ltd, ATM GmbH, Bio-Rad, Boekel Scientific, Branson, Brawn, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Buehler, CAE NEY, Carver, CEM, Chart Industries, Clean Link, Contamination Control Inc, CR Technology, Cryofab, Cryogenic Services Inc., Datapaq, DCA, Delta F Corporation, Denton, DMS, Draiswerke, Inc, Dwyer, Eiger Machinery, Eppendorf, Express Test, Fisher Scientific, Flow Designs, LLC, Fuji Paudal, Gatan, Gilson, Glen Mills, Greco Brothers, Haake, Hart Scientific, Hobart, Honeywell, Illinois Instruments, Instron, Interlab, ISCO, Isles Airclean, Janis Research, Kimble Glass Incorporated, KLA, Kontes, Lab Crafters Inc, Lab-Line, Labconco, LabGuard Corporation, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Laminaire, Leco, Lesco, Liberty Industries Inc, Lightnin, Linde, Lintec, Makino, McDRY, Mettler, Mikron, MVE, Netzsch, Nicolet, Nikon, Nitto, NuAire Inc, Olympus, Omega, Other, Paul o Abbe, Perkin Elmer, Plas Labs Inc., Quailmetrics, Rame Hart, Raytek, Reichert Inc, Retsch, Rigaku, Ross, Sartorius, Spectronic Unicam, SPEX CertiPrep, Statebourne Cryogenics, Terra Universal Inc., Thermo Electron, Thermo Scientific, US Stoneware, Vacuum Atmospheres, Vacuum Barrier Co, Versatile Plastic, Well, Yamato, Zeiss