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Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities Equipment

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Aerofeed, Ltd. Desiccator Cabinet

Aerofeed, Ltd. Desiccator Cabinet

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities Equipment:
Across International, AERA, Affinity, Air Control Inc., Airflotek, Applied Materials, Inc., Atmos-tech, Bell & Gossett, Binder, Blue M, Boekel Scientific, Branson, Brooks Instrument, BTU, CAE NEY, Cascade TEK, Celerity, Cleanroom Systems, Cole Parmer, Contamination Control Inc, Coolwell Inc, Delatech Inc., Delta T Systems, Despatch, DMS, Ebara, Edwards, Electrochemical Technology, ESSEM TEC, Fisher Scientific, Flow Designs, LLC, Flowcool Systems Limited, Fluke, Fumex, GCA/Precision Scientific, Gordon, Greco Brothers, Gruenberg, Grundfos, Haake, Halco, Hart Scientific, Haskris, Heraeus, Hotpack, Imtec Acculine, Ion Systems, ITT Standard, Justrite, Kinetic Systems, Inc., Lab-Line, Labconco, Lambda Physik, Laminaire, LAUDA-Brinkmann, Leybold, Liberty Industries Inc, Lytron, M&W Systems, M.T.A. S.p.A., MANNCORP, Matheson Tri-gas, Millipore, Millipore Tylan, MKS Instruments, Inc., Modutek, Mykrolis, Neslab, Opti Temp Inc., Particle Measurement Systems, PolyScience, Precision Scientific, Process Technology, Pure Air Systems, Reddish, Revco, Sanso, Semifab, SEZ, Shel-Lab, SIERRA, Simco, STEC, Swagelok, Technical Manufacturing Corporation, Teledyne Hastings Instruments , Tenney, Terra Universal Inc., Thermo Scientific, Thermotron, TOFCO, Trebor, Tylan General, Ultra-Clean Products, Unit Instruments, Versatile Plastic, VWR Scientific Products, Weller, Yamato, Yield Engineering Systems