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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
146773 Beckman Instruments MFR*89PR10KPot, 10K Trim 3 Hudson, NY
94887 BEI E25GEncoder 1 Plano, TX
94891 Bellows 4155096-0001200 mm Bellows 1 Plano, TX
103016 BETE OEM*:OEM*WL 1/2 80Spary Nozzle, Schedule 80 8 Hudson, NY
137563 Bezel, DNS Assy C0094-1312-02 Bezel, DNS Assy 4 Plano, TX
94892 BIMBA 1MRS-041-DPneumatic Plunger-Pivot AM 2 Plano, TX
106663 BIMBA Mfr*021-NRCYLINDER, 3/16X1 2 Hudson, NY
106694 BIMBA Mfr*0412-DPAir Cylinder Bimba Door 5 Hudson, NY
106707 BIMBA Mfr*056250Jack WP Pneumatic 1 Hudson, NY
106797 BIMBA Mfr*32-30106-00Air Cylinder 2 Hudson, NY
146944 BIMBA MFR*D-8314APivot Joint 1 Hudson, NY
102111 BIMBA Mfr*S008390CYLINDER BIMBA 2 Hudson, NY
101445 BIMBA OEM*:OEM*2799965700Air Cylinder 1 Hudson, NY
103017 BIMBA OEM*:OEM*FO-04-0.375CYLINDER, 5/16X5/16 3 Hudson, NY
103018 BIMBA OEM*:OEM*FO-04-0.375-3FCYLINDER, 5/16X3/8 3 Hudson, NY
94894 Black Box 4185919-0001VGA Splitter 2 Channel 2 Plano, TX
140059 Blue-White Industrie OEM*:OEM*F-400Flowmeter 10GPM Max 2 Plano, TX
143421 BMT OEM*:OEM*BMT 930 SparesAccessories and Spare Parts Only for Ozone Moni... 1 Plano, TX
149276 BOC Edwards Mfr*Y07024004TCS BOC EDWARDS THERMAL PROCESSOR 1 Hudson, NY
102059 Bold Technologies Mfr*F2815-161B80Orifice Restrictor Adr 10 Hudson, NY
108081 Bold Technologies OEM*:OEM*620DController Programmable Timer 1 Hudson, NY
108082 Bold Technologies OEM*:OEM*620DD-124Controller 1 Hudson, NY
108083 Bold Technologies OEM*:OEM*625CTemperature Controller 1 Hudson, NY
103019 Bold Technologies OEM*:OEM*625DTSQDR Cascade Dump Rinse Controller 1 1,200.32 Hudson, NY
94968 Boston Scientific AS205-014Bearing Support 3 Plano, TX
194898 Brooks Automation Mfr*ATM-305Brooks Automation ATM-305 3 Axis Robot 1 Plano, Texas
146862 Brooks Instrument MFR*Brooks-6256S (30%O2 70%HE)Mass Flow Controller (20 SCCM 30% O2 70% HE) 1 Hudson, NY
146863 Brooks Instrument MFR*Brooks-6256SCZVCLD(SF6)Mass Flow Controller (50 SCCM SF6) 1 Hudson, NY
149086 Bruce (BTI) Mfr*9760509THERMI BOX/ HI SCANNER 1 Hudson, NY
105671 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*2957766Monitor Lft Cantilever Pos 4 625.17 Hudson, NY
101383 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*3160601Controller Cantilever 4 Hudson, NY
105679 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*4022261Gear Large Cant Drive 6" 3 71.02 Hudson, NY
108078 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*5710940Gear Small Cant Drive 6" 3 Hudson, NY
108105 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*8609537Switch Thermo OT Warning 1 Hudson, NY
103020 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*9010393Gasket Pilot Valve Ass'y 2 Hudson, NY
101411 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*9013386Flange Load LPCVD Blkhd LT Ass'y 275 mm H2O 1 Hudson, NY
106789 Bruce Technologies I OEM*:OEM*2957194Shsft Drive Cantilever Boat 1 Hudson, NY
106846 Bruce Technologies I OEM*:OEM*7013600Wire, Torch Heater (ft) 175 Hudson, NY
106862 Bruce Technologies I OEM*:OEM*8609539Switch Stack Ovvertemp 1 Hudson, NY
108074 Bruel & Kjaer OEM*:OEM*4370-1165700Accelerometer 1 Hudson, NY
137194 BTBAS MainValve 4660571-11BTBAS MainValve 1 Plano, TX
137196 BTBAS MainValve Cap 4660571 BTBAS MainValve Cap 1 Plano, TX
101384 BTU Engineering OEM*:OEM*3161351VIDEO DISPLAY PROCESSOR 6 Hudson, NY
106970 Buehler Motor Inc Mfr*ZS52-9004Motor Door Buehler 1 Hudson, NY
94988 CAJON 316-16-VCRTING, Vacuum 4 Plano, TX
147424 California Fine Wire OEM*:OEM*Stainless Steel 316 .019 1000 Plano, TX
147423 California Fine Wire OEM*:OEM*INT/200745030Stainless Steel 316LVM .010 1000 Plano, TX
146941 Cannon MFR*D20419-16Male Screwlock Assemby (paks of 2 Sets each) 41 Hudson, NY
143531 Carr Lane Manufactur OEM*:OEM*CLR-003-HPA Hand Pump 2 Plano, TX
146905 Catching Engineering MFR*CEC-25CValve 5 Hudson, NY
108071 CDS Leopold Inc OEM*:OEM*40-S-0525-01Shield Sputter Plasma Coated 1 Hudson, NY
146874 Celerity MFR*C1660AF (1 SLM N2)UFC-1660 Mass Flow Controller (1 SLM N2) 1 1,315.35 Hudson, NY
94994 Ceramic Tech Ceramic Ring-AMAT 1 Plano, TX
94996 Ceramic Tech DRY-019Ceramic Disk 1 Plano, TX
94995 Ceramic Tech TI4613168-0001Ceramic Ring-LAM 1 Plano, TX
115254 CGA Corporation OEM*:OEM*004062G1Ass'y Right Hand Preload 2 Hudson, NY
115260 CGA Corporation OEM*:OEM*035282G2Assy Y Axis Motor Drive 2 Hudson, NY
115261 CGA Corporation OEM*:OEM*036517Keyboard PCB W/O Cover 2 Hudson, NY
115259 CGA Corporation OEM*:OEM*115259Manifold Support Cup 1 Hudson, NY
115298 CGA Corporation OEM*:OEM*RS3-10-4R5FClutch Bearing Assy Shuttle 2 Hudson, NY
106745 CGI Inc. Mfr*15S1015015 Spur D.C. Servo Motor 1 Hudson, NY
106749 CGI Motion Inc Mfr*17PL0100-4149KIT, PL Series Planetary GearHead Ratio 10:1 1 Hudson, NY
106750 CGI Motion Inc Mfr*17PL0400-4149KIT, PL Series Planetary GearHead Ratio 40:1 1 Hudson, NY
147035 Champion MFR*FCP119H-27-UPotentiometer 1 Hudson, NY
106801 Cherry Corporation Mfr*35-0026Switch Micro SPDT 2 Hudson, NY
95011 Chicago Rawhide 85311 88628Oil Seal 1 Plano, TX
161833 CKD OEM*:OEM*CMK2-20-25-P7Pneumatic Air Cylinder 1 Plano, TX
162109 CKD OEM*:OEM*CMK2-C-40-100Pneumatic Air Cylinder 1 Plano, TX
139941 CKD OEM*:OEM*R1000-8-TS19 Regulator 2 Plano, TX
158661 CKD OEM*:OEM*SCA2-FA-40B-375
  • Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Pressure...
1 Plano, TX
161834 CKD OEM*:OEM*SCPD2-CB1615
  • Pneumatic Air Cylinder
2 Plano, TX
108153 Clarostat Sensors & OEM*:OEM*Clarostat Sensors & Controls53C2 250K 254A Potentiometer 3 Hudson, NY
108097 Clarostat Sensors & OEM*:OEM*RV4NAYSD253APot 25K Ohm 10% Implant 1 Hudson, NY
95014 Clean Sciences 15-259022-24-RevASEA LED 1 Plano, TX
146933 Clippard MFR*CTO-2Elbow Assembly 28 Hudson, NY
147114 Clippard MFR*LVA-3PNUEMATIC LIMIT VALVE 5 Hudson, NY
102116 Clippard Mfr*SP0-2Swivel Conn Elbow, 1/8” NPT to 1/16” ID Hose Sw... 10 1.25 Hudson, NY
102117 Clippard Mfr*SP0-2002Swivel Conn Tee, 1/8” NPT to 1/16” ID Hose Swivel 20 2.00 Hudson, NY
103025 Clippard OEM*:OEM*3SD-1CYLINDER, 1/8X1-3/4 BORE 1 12.00 Hudson, NY
103026 Clippard OEM*:OEM*3SS-3CYLINDER, 3/8X3 5 10.00 Hudson, NY
103024 Clippard OEM*:OEM*MAR-1PRegulator Pressure 1/8 NPT Input 1 10.00 Hudson, NY
103022 Clippard OEM*:OEM*MAV-4CYLINDER, 1/8X3/8 DBL ACT 7 10.00 Hudson, NY
103023 Clippard OEM*:OEM*SM-3-2CYLINDER, 1/16X9/16 STOP PIN 2 7.50 Hudson, NY
146786 Codata Corp MFR*92-1007-01KEYPAD/PRINTER I/O BOARD 31 Hudson, NY
133888 Cognex OEM*:OEM*2002-110VB1 Machine Vision Controller 1 Plano, TX
144874 Comair MFR*028324FAN 230V MODEL # MX3A3 1 Hudson, NY
149087 Comdel Mfr*CX-5000S/13CX 5000 DC POWER SUPPLY 1 Hudson, NY
103030 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*AB34X4CYLINDER, 5/16 1 Hudson, NY
103038 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*AB34X5CYLINDER, 5/16X5 1 Hudson, NY
103031 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*ABFH34X212CYLINDER, 5/16X2-1/2 1 Hudson, NY
103029 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*ABHH34X1CYLINDER, 5/16X1 2 Hudson, NY
103033 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*ABHH34X434CYLINDER, 5/16X4-3/4 4 Hudson, NY
103032 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*ABHH34X4NRCYLINDER, 5/16X4 2 Hudson, NY
103034 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*AR34X134TRCYLINDER, 5/16X1-3/4 1 Hudson, NY
103035 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*B34X4CYLINDER, 5/16X3-3/4 COMPACT 4 Hudson, NY
103036 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*BFH34X4CYLINDER, 5/16X4 2 Hudson, NY
103037 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*Q86-905CYLINDER, 3/8X5/16 3 Hudson, NY
103039 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*S34X78CYLINDER, 5/16X7/8 2 Hudson, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Semiconductor Equipment Parts:
3M, Advanced Energy, Advantest, Alcatel, Applied Materials, Inc., ATMI, Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Balzers, BIMBA, Bold Technologies, Bruce (BTI), Ceramic Tech, CGA Corporation, CKD, Clippard, Compact Air Products, Curtis, Delta Design, Disco, DNS, DuPont Dow Elastomers, Dwyer, Eaton, Edwards, EG&G PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH, ENTEGRIS, Fabco Air, Festo, Fluoroware, FSI, Furon, Fusion Systems Inc., Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, General Electric, Granville Phillips, Greene, Tweed Technologies, Inc., Hamilton, Heinemann Electric, Heraeus, Hewlett Packard, HH Smith, Honeywell, Humphrey Products Co, JEOL, Keyence, KLA, KLA Tencor Corporati, Koganei, LAM, Leybold, Materials Research Corp, MDC Vacuum Products, Metron, Millipore, Minolta, MKS Instruments, Inc., Motorola, MRL Industries, National, NEY Ultrasonics, Nikon, Novellus Systems, Inc., Omega, Omron, OPTO 22, Osram, Parker, Phoenix Contact, Potter & Brumfield, Prometrix Corporation, Schumacher, SEIBERCO, Selectron, Semitool, Siemens, Signet, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Speedfam, Square-D, Swagelok, Telemecanique Inc, TESCOM, Texas Instruments, THK, Tokyo Electronics Limited, TOSOH, Trebor, Tylan Corp., UC Components, Unknown, Varian, VAT, Veriflo, Verteq, W.M.Berg Inc, Watlow, Wells-CTI, Yaskawa Electric