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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
101846 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3140-01053BSHG SNAP ID 3/4 HD-DIA 1-1/8 MTG HOLE 1" NYL BLK 1 Hudson, NY
144394 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3140-01068Strain Relief, Right Angel 45 Hudson, NY
115272 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3220-01093CLR INDXR SHPNG 3/4"IDX1-3/4"OD X.625T 2 Hudson, NY
101851 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3240-01053CND Nut Lock 1-1/4" STL Seal 1 Hudson, NY
144396 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01215FITTING HOSE CONNECTOR 1/16H 10-32M BRASS BARB 91 Hudson, New York
144397 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01218FITTING HOSE CONNECTOR 1/8H 1/8MP BRASS BARB 1 0.50 Hudson, NY
144399 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01235-UFTG HOSE NIP QDISC 3/8BODY X 3/8FPT BR 6 6.00 Hudson, NY
144400 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01301-RKF 50 Elbow 1 Hudson, NY
101852 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01346FTG FLANGE BLANK-OFF NW25 1.57ODX.20 6 Hudson, NY
144401 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01403FLANGE KF-16 SST 1 Hudson, NY
144402 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01404FTG TBG Elbow 90Deg NW40 2 56" RAD SST304 2 Hudson, NY
144404 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01426FTG TBG TEE 1/4T 1/8FP SST BRANC 1 Hudson, NY
144405 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-0151810-32 MALE CONNECTOR 19 Hudson, NY
144406 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01533FTG TBG RTANG SWVL 1/4T X 1/8MNPT BRS 9 2.50 Hudson, NY
144407 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01634FTG TEE SWVL 1/4T X 1/8 MPTBRS 7 3.50 Hudson, NY
144408 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01694TUBING ADAPTER 1 Hudson, NY
144409 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01767FTG TBG CONN F/HEX 10-32 THDBRS 49 0.55 Hudson, New York
144410 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01773FITTING, PIPE ELBOW 1/4 1 4.00 Hudson, NY
144412 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01989Fitting Hose Barb 1/4H x 1/8 MP SST 1 Hudson, NY
89427 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02008FTG TBG UN TEE 1/4T BRS PRESTOLOK 2 3.00 Hudson, NY
144414 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02073Fitting,Tbg. Union 1/4MVCR x 1/4 Swagelok - FEM... 1 Hudson, NY
144415 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02089Ftg. Hose Nipple 4/2.5 x M5 4 Hudson, NY
144416 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02221-RDifferential Pumping VCO Adapter 2 Hudson, NY
89403 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02248FTG ELBOW 1.0OD-TBG X 2.04L X 1.57OD-F 5 46.01 Hudson, NY
144417 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02286FTG QDISC STEM 1/2T X 1/2FNPT X 2.96L 1 Hudson, NY
144418 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02649FTG TBG PLUG 1/4NPT HEX HEAD 2 Hudson, NY
144419 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02738Fitting, CPLG QDISC 1/4 BODY X 1/4-18FP 2.41"L ... 3 Hudson, NY
144421 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-03289FTG HOSE BARB 1/4H X 3/8MNPT X 1.71LG BRS 2 Hudson, NY
144422 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-03621Ftg. Adapter Reducer 3/8 FPT to 1/4 MPT SST 5 Hudson, NY
144423 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-03786-RFTG/Flange Blank Off NW-50 1 Hudson, NY
89405 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-04482FTG TBG RDCR UNION TEE 1/4T X 3/8T 5 28.01 Hudson, NY
99162 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-06329Ferrule, T - 204-1 2 1.95 Hudson, NY
99163 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-06330Ferrule, T - 203-1 2 2.60 Hudson, NY
99164 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-90915INSERT-10MM OD PLASTIC TUBE 30 3.69 Hudson, NY
99165 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-90984Quick Conn 3/8" OD. Tube Delrin 2 14.25 Hudson, NY
94440 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3310-01108IKR020.40KF / Viton (Poss Adapt) 1 Hudson, NY
144424 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3320-01005VCR Gaskets 18 Hudson, NY
103002 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3320-01011GSKT CLMP-TYPE .170ID X5/16OD.016W FIBER/BUNA-A... 255 7.80 Hudson, NY
144426 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3400-01009Air & Water Hose 4FT 3/81D .718OD 250 PSI Syn ... 1 Hudson, NY
89407 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3400-01059HOSE FLEX 3/8 OD TFE/SST BRAID 24LG 2 59.02 Hudson, NY
144428 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3410-010041/4 OD Tube Insert 2 Hudson, NY
89409 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3420-01031INSL ARMAFLEX SHEET 36 X 48 X 3/8 1 23.01 Hudson, NY
103003 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3470-01333METAL OVAL SHEET FILLER STRIP 4 4.00 Hudson, NY
144430 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3480-01037Load Rated Ribbed Bushing, Hi Damp PVC 10 Hudson, NY
144431 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3480-01038Load Rated Ribbed Ring High Damp PVC 10 Hudson, NY
144432 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3500-00226Nut Machine Hex 10-32 4 Hudson, NY
144433 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3500-01008NUT HEX FULL 1/4-20 SST PSVT 10 Hudson, NY
144436 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3500-01018Nut Hex Full 6-32x7/64 Thick SST PSVT 6 Hudson, NY
144437 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3500-01028NUT KEPS 8-32 STL CAD PLT 2 Hudson, NY
144439 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3500-01099Nut, Hex Full 8-32 SST 8 Hudson, NY
144440 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3500-90014NUT, FULL HEX.SST.M6 4 Hudson, NY
136649 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3550-01251 Pin Ball Lock T-HDL QK-REL 5/16X2-1/2 Grip STL 2 Plano, TX
144443 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3630-01049RTNR RING EXT E-CIRCLIP 1/8SFT .015THK SST 16 0.20 Hudson, NY
144444 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3630-01189RETAINER RING INT 1.125 HSG SST LIGHT DUTY 9 Hudson, NY
144445 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-00053SCR SET 6-40 X 3/16L HEX SKT ALLOY STL C 100 Hudson, NY
144447 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01020SCREW MACH BDG HD 21 Hudson, NY
144448 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01041SCREW CAP FLT HD 4-40 X 1/4L SLOT 82DEG SS 8 0.20 Hudson, NY
144449 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01045SCREW,Cap Flat Head 6-32 x 1/2L Slotted 82D 2 Hudson, NY
144450 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01047SCREW Cap Flat Head 6-32 x 3/8L Slot SST 82 6 Hudson, NY
144451 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0107118-8 SST Socket Head Cap Screw, 1/4"-20 Thread,... 60 0.75 Hudson, NY
144452 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01073SCREW CAP SKT HD 1/4-20 x 3/4 L Hex SKT 12 Hudson, NY
144453 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01074SCR CAP SKT HD 1/4-20 X 5/8L HEX SKT S 11 0.20 Hudson, NY
144454 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0107518-8 SST SOCKET HD CAP SCREW, 1/4" - 20 THREAD ... 63 Hudson, NY
144455 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0107918-8 SST SOCKET HD CAP SCREW, 1/4"-20 THREAD, 1... 15 Hudson, NY
144456 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01085SCRCAP SKT HD 6-32 X 3/8L HEX SKT SST 29 Hudson, New York
144458 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01089SCR CAP SKT HD 8-32 X 3/8L HEX SKT SST 79 0.45 Hudson, NY
144459 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01090


8 0.45 Hudson, New York
144460 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0109218-8 SST Socket Head Cap Screw, 10-32 Thread, 3... 91 Hudson, NY
144462 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01104SCREW MACH SET 8-32X3/8 REPL 20-70189-0 8 0.20 Hudson, NY
144463 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0111518-8 SST Socket Head Cap Screw, 8-32 Thread, 5/... 97 Hudson, NY
144464 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01128SCR MACH PAN HD 6-32 X 1/2 SLOT SST 72 Hudson, NY
144466 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01163SCREW, SKT HD 2-56X3/8 112 0.20 Hudson, NY
144467 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01167SCRCAP SKT HD 4-40 X 5/16L HEX SKT SST 107 0.20 Hudson, NY
144468 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01177SCR CAP SKT HD 6-32 X 5/16L HEX SKT SS 88 Hudson, NY
144469 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01179SS Socket Head Cap Screw 6/32x1/2" 93 Hudson, NY
144470 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01193SCR CAP SKT HD 10-32 X 3/8L VENTED HEX S 200 Hudson, NY
144471 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01195SCR CAP SKT HD 10-32 X 5/8L HEX SKT SS 100 Hudson, NY
144474 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01269SCREW MACH COLLAR M2.5 X 11 SLOT 14 Hudson, NY
144475 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01290SCREW, SKT HD 1/4-20X 8 0.95 Hudson, NY
144476 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01342SCR CAP SKT HD 6-32X3/16L HEX SKT SST 4 0.20 Hudson, NY
144478 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01371SCREW MACH BDG 10 Hudson, NY
144479 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01396SCR CAP SKT HD 10-32 X 9/16L HEX SKT SST 4 Hudson, NY
144480 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01409SCREW,MACH PAN HD 32X1/4 4 Hudson, NY
144481 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01422SCREW MACH SKT HD CAP 8-32X3/8 VENTED SST 200 Hudson, NY
144483 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01431


97 1.90 Hudson, New York
144484 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01451SCREW SKT HD 2-56 x 3/8 200 Hudson, NY
144485 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01458SCREW, SKT HD 8-32X3/8 41 1.25 Hudson, NY
144486 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01467SCR SET 2-56 X 1/4L HEX SKT SST CUP-POINT 73 0.20 Hudson, NY
144487 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01469SCR SET 6-32 X 1/4L HEX SKT SST CUP-POINT 90 0.20 Hudson, NY
144488 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01576SCR MACH SHLDR 5/16-18X.375ODX1.5L HEX 2 1.75 Hudson, NY
144489 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01581SCR CAP SKT HD 8-32 X 1L VENT HEX SKT SST 18-8 22 3.70 Hudson, NY
144490 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01626SCREW MACH FLT HD 8-32X1 LSLOT SST 175 Hudson, NY
144493 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01630Screw,Cap SKT HD 6-32x1/2" L. Vented HEX SKT SST 4 2.10 Hudson, New York
144494 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01646SCREW, 4-40X3/8 FLT HD SLOT VESPEL 19 Hudson, NY
144495 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01661Screw Mach Btn HD 8-32 x 1/4L Hex Skt 8 Hudson, NY
144496 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0166418-8 SST Flat Head Socket Cap Screw, 4/40 Threa... 98 Hudson, NY
144497 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01667SCR CAP SKT HD 3/8-24 X 1.0L HEX SKT S 1 Hudson, NY
144498 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0167818-8 SS Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw 0-80 T... 90 0.20 Hudson, NY
144499 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-01682SCR CAP SKT HD 8-32 X 1/4L VENTED HEX 48 Hudson, NY
144500 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3690-0168918-8 SST Hex Head Machine Screw, 8/32 Thread, 3... 96 Hudson, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Semiconductor Equipment Parts:
3M, Advanced Energy, Advantest, Alcatel, Applied Materials, Inc., ATMI, Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Balzers, BIMBA, Bold Technologies, Bruce (BTI), Ceramic Tech, CGA Corporation, CKD, Clippard, Compact Air Products, Curtis, Delta Design, Disco, DNS, DuPont Dow Elastomers, Dwyer, Eaton, Edwards, EG&G PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH, ENTEGRIS, Fabco Air, Festo, Fluoroware, FSI, Furon, Fusion Systems Inc., Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, General Electric, Granville Phillips, Greene, Tweed Technologies, Inc., Hamilton, Heinemann Electric, Heraeus, Hewlett Packard, HH Smith, Honeywell, Humphrey Products Co, JEOL, Keyence, KLA, KLA Tencor Corporati, Koganei, LAM, Leybold, Materials Research Corp, MDC Vacuum Products, Metron, Millipore, Minolta, MKS Instruments, Inc., Motorola, MRL Industries, National, NEY Ultrasonics, Nikon, Novellus Systems, Inc., Omega, Omron, OPTO 22, Osram, Parker, Phoenix Contact, Potter & Brumfield, Prometrix Corporation, Schumacher, SEIBERCO, Selectron, Semitool, Siemens, Signet, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Speedfam, Square-D, Swagelok, Telemecanique Inc, TESCOM, Texas Instruments, THK, Tokyo Electronics Limited, TOSOH, Trebor, Tylan Corp., UC Components, Unknown, Varian, VAT, Veriflo, Verteq, W.M.Berg Inc, Watlow, Wells-CTI, Yaskawa Electric