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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
144231 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00088-UCABLE, VME EMO 1 Hudson, NY
144232 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00089-UCABLE,HEAT EXCHANGER CONTROL 1 Hudson, NY
144233 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00094-USYSTEMS I/O INTERCONN. ANALOG CABLE 120 2 Hudson, NY
144234 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00095-UDIGITAL CABLE, SYS I/O 2 Hudson, NY
144235 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00096-UCABLE, SYS I/O INTERCONN 2 Hudson, NY
144236 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00097-USYSTEMS I/O STEPPER CBL 2 Hudson, NY
144237 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00099-USYSTEMS I/O INTERCONN. COUNTERCABLE 2 Hudson, NY
144238 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00100-USYSTEMS I/O INTERCONNECT 3 Hudson, NY
144239 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00101-UCABLE, OPERATOR KYBD 2 Hudson, NY
144240 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00103-UCABLE ASSY, VID INTERCON 2 Hudson, NY
144241 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00105-UCABLE 1 Hudson, NY
144242 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00162-UCABLE,CRYO AC INTERCONNECT 2 Hudson, NY
144243 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00230-UCABLE RF CONTROL ENI 1 Hudson, NY
144244 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00256-UCABLE,HEAT EXCHANGER II CONTROL 1 Hudson, NY
144245 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00277-UCABLE ASSEMBLY FEEDTHRU GROUND STRAP 1 Hudson, NY
144247 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00815-UPOWER SUPPLY CABLE 1 Hudson, NY
144248 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-01004-UCABLE ASSY HOIST 1 Hudson, NY
144249 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-02145-UCABLE 1 Hudson, NY
144251 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09053-UASSY RIBBON CABLE REMOTE POWER BOX 1 Hudson, NY
144252 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09145-UCABLE ASSY FINAL VALVE N2 FLOW INTERLOCK 1 Hudson, NY
144254 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09266-UMAGN HIGH VOLTAGE CABLE 5.5 ASP 1 Hudson, NY
144255 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09680Heat Controller Box 1 Hudson, NY
144256 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09681-UCABLE ASSEMBLY INTEGRTD END POINT POWER 1 Hudson, NY
144257 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09708Cable Assy, 50' Remote Video 2 Hudson, NY
144258 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09771-UCABLE ASSY, E/P MODULE, PRINTER INTFC. 1 Hudson, NY
144259 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09791CABLE ASSY,MAG GEN FILAMENT OVERRIDE 2 77.02 Hudson, NY
144260 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09831-UCable Assy, 1 Hudson, NY
144262 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09833-UCABLE ASSY THROTTLE VALVE GROUND 2 Hudson, NY
144263 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09834-UCABLE ASSY GATE VALVE GROUND 1 Hudson, NY
144265 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10176CABLE ASSY FLAT 486PC TO RS232 1 26.01 Hudson, NY
144266 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10178CABLE ASSY FLAT 486PC TO FDD 1 14.00 Hudson, NY
144267 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10206CABLE 1 Hudson, NY
144269 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10371-UCABLE ASSEMBLY GROUND STRAP, FHD 1 Hudson, NY
144270 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-20002-UCABLE ASSY,RF GEN DC PWR INT. 50FT 1 Hudson, NY
144272 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-20160-UCABLE ASSEMBLY EMO INTERCONNECT 1 Hudson, NY
144273 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-20469CABLE ASSY,COAXIAL 13.56 MHZ 1 Hudson, NY
159134 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-21502J14, P14 and J20 Cable Connector 1 Plano, TX
144275 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-21686WAFER BIAS POWER SUPPLY CABLE 2 Hudson, NY
144276 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-22846CABLE ASSY, MAIN AC/SYS AC EMO INTCO 100FT 1 995.27 Hudson, NY
144277 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35202-UCABLE ASSY GAS PANEL UMBILICAL #1 1 Hudson, NY
144278 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35204-UHARNESS ASSY CHAMBR A-B- C-D 1 Hudson, NY
144279 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35205-UHARNESS ASSY MAINFRAME UMBILICAL CMJ1 1 Hudson, NY
144280 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35206-UHARNESS ASSY MAINFRAME UMBILICAL CMJ2 1 Hudson, NY
144281 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35207-UHARNESS ASSY MAINFRAME UMBILICAL CMJ3 1 Hudson, NY
144282 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35208-UHARNESS ASSY LOAD LOCK UMBILICAL 1 Hudson, NY
144283 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35209-UHARNESS ASSY PNEUMATICS UMBILICAL 1 Hudson, NY
144284 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35210-UHARNESS ASSY CHAMBR A-B- C-D 2 Hudson, NY
144285 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-35227CABLE ASSEMBLY PUMP UMBILICAL 5 Hudson, NY
144286 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-37212-UC/A EMC COMP., HEAT EXCHANGER, 50FT CSI 1 Hudson, NY
144288 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70002Cable Flat Asst SCSI 50P Extended 1 Hudson, NY
144289 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70063CABLE ASSY MAIN FEEDER WIRES 3 3 Hudson, NY
144290 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70064CABLE ASSY MAIN FEEDER WIRES 1 3 Hudson, NY
144291 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70065CABLE ASSY MAIN FEEDER WIRES 2 3 Hudson, NY
144292 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70066CABLE ASSY BREAKER PANEL FEEDER WIRES 1 3 Hudson, NY
144293 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70067CABLE ASSY BREAKER PANEL FEEDER WIRES 2 3 Hudson, NY
144294 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70068CABLE ASSY BREAKER PANEL FEEDER WIRES 3 3 Hudson, NY
144295 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-70102CABLE ASSEMBLY, TB3 TO WDB GRO 1 Hudson, NY
144297 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-76006-UASSY CABLE TC-B 1 Hudson, NY
144298 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-76007-UASSY CABLE TC-A 1 Hudson, NY
144299 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-76041CABLE 1 Hudson, NY
144303 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-76924CABLE ASSY, 29 SLOT STRG ELEV ENCDR, MC 1 58.02 Hudson, NY
144304 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-76977Cable, Extension Flow /T 2 Hudson, NY
144305 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-90434Ribbon Cable 1 Hudson, NY
144306 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-90435Ribbon Cable 1 Hudson, NY
144307 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0151-90459CAB ASS ARC MOD CTRL X3/PSU X3 1 Hudson, NY
89370 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-00158-ULAMP, DRIVER, SPEC CONTROL DRAWING 1 8,192.19 Hudson, NY
126594 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-02550Abrasive Technology Infinity S3410044N 1 Plano, TX
144310 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-02852SCREW,M6x20 P500 ZA MKII SLIT VALVE 6 Hudson, NY
144311 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-09065CABLE ASSY 20 COND FLEX FLAT W/ RECPT 1 Hudson, NY
144312 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-09085-U60EV PNEU PCB W/MANIFOLD 2 Hudson, NY
144313 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-09267-UCABLE, MAGN. CONTROL 55' ASP 1 Hudson, NY
158165 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-77064Bezel - CMP Product 2 Plano, TX
144315 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-00371-USUSCEPTOR, MOD GROOVE BEVEL EDGE 200MM 1 Hudson, NY
136951 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-02396

Ceramic Middle Liner SE 10"

1 Plano, Texas
101597 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09024SMALL WINDOW 2 105.03 Hudson, NY
101602 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09454BUSHING, REV A 10 Hudson, NY
101604 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09645UV WINDOW 1 Hudson, NY
101605 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09713CERAMIC SUPPORT, 200MM 4 Hudson, NY
101606 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09716PIN, LIFT, HEATER, WxZ 8 Hudson, NY
101607 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09721CERAMIC SUPPORT, 150MM 1 Hudson, NY
101611 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-10542WINDOW, BOOMERANG 1 Hudson, NY
89384 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-10553BASE PLATE 2 2,509.67 Hudson, NY
144316 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-20069-UJIG 8" CASS INDEXER TO ROBOT CAL PLATE 1 Hudson, NY
101614 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-35515-RCERAMIC SHIELD 1 Hudson, NY
157754 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-35576Insulator Lid 1 Plano, Texas
137120 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-36630Applied Materials 0200-36630 8" Cov... 2 Plano, TX
144319 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0225-01038-UCABLE,TURBO INTERCONNECT 1 Hudson, NY
144320 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0225-01720-UCABLE,HEAT EXCHGR CNTRL 35',8300 1 Hudson, NY
107986 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0225-05368Weldment FC 2900 1 230.06 Hudson, NY
144321 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0225-05403-UCABLE 1 Hudson, NY
102987 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0225-16066Key Lock EMO Buttons 25 Hudson, NY
144323 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0225-34327-UEDWARDS INTERFACE CABLE 2 Hudson, NY
144324 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-30072-URail, Universal, Mod. Gas panel 2 Hudson, NY
89387 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-30352COVER 1 Hudson, NY
144325 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-31525-UCABLE 1 Hudson, NY
144326 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-31530-UCABLE 1 Hudson, NY
144327 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-31558Cable Assy, Final Valve Inter 1 Hudson, NY
144328 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-31558-UCABLE ASSY. FINAL VALVE INTER 1 Hudson, NY
144329 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-31559Cable Assy, DC To Remote 1 Hudson, NY
144330 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0226-31561Cable Assy, Remote Analog 1 Hudson, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Semiconductor Equipment Parts:
3M, Advanced Energy, Advantest, Alcatel, Applied Materials, Inc., ATMI, Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Balzers, BIMBA, Bold Technologies, Bruce (BTI), Ceramic Tech, CGA Corporation, CKD, Clippard, Compact Air Products, Curtis, Delta Design, Disco, DNS, DuPont Dow Elastomers, Dwyer, Eaton, Edwards, EG&G PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH, ENTEGRIS, Fabco Air, Festo, Fluoroware, FSI, Furon, Fusion Systems Inc., Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, General Electric, Granville Phillips, Greene, Tweed Technologies, Inc., Hamilton, Heinemann Electric, Heraeus, Hewlett Packard, HH Smith, Honeywell, Humphrey Products Co, JEOL, Keyence, KLA, KLA Tencor Corporati, Koganei, LAM, Leybold, Materials Research Corp, MDC Vacuum Products, Metron, Millipore, Minolta, MKS Instruments, Inc., Motorola, MRL Industries, National, NEY Ultrasonics, Nikon, Novellus Systems, Inc., Omega, Omron, OPTO 22, Osram, Parker, Phoenix Contact, Potter & Brumfield, Prometrix Corporation, Schumacher, SEIBERCO, Selectron, Semitool, Siemens, Signet, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Speedfam, Square-D, Swagelok, Telemecanique Inc, TESCOM, Texas Instruments, THK, Tokyo Electronics Limited, TOSOH, Trebor, Tylan Corp., UC Components, Unknown, Varian, VAT, Veriflo, Verteq, W.M.Berg Inc, Watlow, Wells-CTI, Yaskawa Electric