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Radio Frequency (RF) Generators

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionOutput WattageFrequencyScaleOutpt ConnectorPanel Meters#PriceNotes Location
175885 Advanced Energy 3152522-001B / RAS Split Inductor10000kHz 1 F* Scotia, New York
207153 Advanced Energy Apex 1500/13150013.56MHz 1 F* Scotia, New York
140340 Advanced Energy Apex 3013300013.56MHzType HNNone 2 Scotia, NY
42967 Advanced Energy Apex 3513350013.56MHz 1 F* Scotia, New York
49690 Advanced Energy ATX-600None 1 F* Scotia, New York
230353 Advanced Energy B0111-DPXX-105-XX 5 Scotia, New York
151281 Advanced Energy Cesar 13660013.56MHzType NDigital 1 F* Scotia, New York
151282 Advanced Energy Cesar 13660013.56MHzType NDigital 1 Scotia, New York
223580 Advanced Energy Cesar 4020200040.68MHzDigital 1 5,201.39 Scotia, New York
1007 Advanced Energy LF5500kHzBNCDigital 3 Scotia, New York
3464 Advanced Energy PDX9002V900350.00kHzType NDigital 2 2,600.70 F* Scotia, New York
225628 Advanced Energy PE 10K 1 Scotia, New York
208186 Advanced Energy PEII-10K1000040.00kHzDigital 1 F* Scotia, New York
139488 Advanced Energy PEII-10K1000040.00kHzDigital 10 F* Scotia, New York
190763 Advanced Energy RF10S100013.56MHzType NDigital 1 Scotia, New York
225956 Astex 2.5kW25002,450.00MHzDigital 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
213180 Astex AX251818002.45GHzDigital 2 Leominster, Massachusetts
168802 Astex HS2.45GHz 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
168804 Astex HS-1000, HS100010002.45GHz 1 Leominster, MA
168803 Astex HS-1500, HS150015002.45GHz 1 Leominster, MA
206579 Astex SXRHA10002,450.00MHz 2 Scotia, New York
427 Balzers RFS 302250013.56MHzAnalog 1 Scotia, New York
43020 Comdel CPS-5000/13.56500013.56MHzAnalog 1 9,502.55 Scotia, NY
231089 Daihen FGA-50B, DMU-01G500040.68MHz 2 Scotia, New York
230846 Daihen RGA-50J3, DMU-01G500013.56MHz 12 Scotia, New York
993 ENI LPG12A-21051-501200kHzType N 4 2,500.67 F* Scotia, New York
151365 ENI OEM 12A125013.56MHzType NAnalog 3 Scotia, New York
102336 ENI OEM 12B125013.56MHzType NAnalog 1 Scotia, New York
1001 ENI PL33200kHzType CAnalog 1 Scotia, New York
185506 ENI Power Systems OEM-6AM-1B-2125175013.56MHzType NAnalog 3 Scotia, New York
142856 Japan Radio Co. NAH-1030-2A/NFC-30-2A200060.00MHz 2 Scotia, NY
220462 MKS Instruments, Inc FI20161 Fl201612.45GHz 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
220461 MKS Instruments, Inc FI20161-1 Fl20161-12.45GHz 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
213290 MKS Instruments, Inc SM445.0 SM-445 SM44512502.45GHz 1 F* Leominster, Massachusetts
143041 National Electronic MH3.OW-SL30002,450.00MHz 2 Scotia, New York
196788 National Electronics YJ 1600, YJ-160060002.45GHz 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
170454 National Electronics YJ1191-A, YJ-1191A, YJ 1191A60002.45GHz 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
126554 Seren IPS-R30030013.56MHzDigital 1 3,100.83 Scotia, New York
179019 Seren R60160013.56MHzType NDigital 6 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Radio Frequency (RF) Generators:
Advanced Energy, Astex, Balzers, Comdel, Daihen, ENI Power Systems, Japan Radio Co., MKS Instruments, Inc., National Electronic, National Electronics, Seren