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Other Plasma Processing Equipment and Tools

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionCondition#PriceNotes Location
202813 Applied Materials 0190-00362AMAT 0190-00362/P1 waveguide elbowVery Good 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
202812 Applied Materials 0190-00363AMAT 0190-00363/P1 waveguide elbowExcellent 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
215272 Applied Materials 0190-02099 / 001 1 425.11 Leominster, Massachusetts
180513 Applied Materials 3750-011290.5kW Heat Exchanger with female NPT connectionsNew-Never Used 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
202929 Applied Materials Centura EnablerOxide Etch 1 Dresden, Saxony
214758 Applied Materials FI20064 Microwave Phase Mag Detector for Auto-tuning 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
199844 Applied Materials FI20099Water-Cooled Dummy LoadNew-Never Used 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
184652 Applied Materials FI20104 (3750-01111)3-way water-cooled Circulator 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
214757 Applied Materials FI20132 0040-36436Mounting Waveguide Elbow for AMAT SACVD 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
63666 Astex AX 7610Chemical Downstream Plasma Source 2 Scotia, New York
85963 Astex AX3041Three Stub Tuner 1 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
165749 Astex AX3153Water-cooled Dummy Load with FPT connections 1 Sterling, Massachusetts
165748 Astex AX3153-1Water-cooled Dummy Load with Female NPT portsExcellent 1 Sterling, Massachusetts
190257 Astex CPR340 or equivalentAstex rectangular waveguide size adaptor 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
165750 Astex CS23-Way Circulator w/ Directional Coupler 1 Sterling, MA
190326 Astex CS340 or equivalentAir-cooled circulator with gold-plated SMA conn... 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
209065 Astex FI20131 Fl20131 3750-01139AMAT Waveguide Elbow 2 Leominster, Massachusetts
184611 Astex LS340Water-Cooled Dummy Load, WR340 waveguide 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
165710 Astex Model LS or Equivalent/SubstituteDummy Load for 1.5kW systems 1 Sterling, Massachusetts
196069 Cober 6kW microwave tuner3-Stub Manual Impedance Tuner 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
168904 Cober ST89-10196kW 2.45GHz Dummy Load (Water Load) 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
197423 Connecticut Microwav 366004WR284 Dual-Directional Microwave Coupler 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
197421 Gerling GL401AWater-cooled 3-way circulator 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
215261 Gerling p/n 910677 c/n 403081WR430 waveguide with two N-type pick-up locations Excellent 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
214772 High Power Dummy Load, 2.45GHz (e.g. 6kW, WR340) 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
204280 Hitachi M-8190XTDielectric Etch (spacer) 1 Malta, New York
227585 LAM INOVA XTCu and CuMn deposition 1 East Fishkill, New York
219677 LAM Research Corp. INOVACu Barrier Seed depostion 1 Malta, New York
183180 MKS Instruments FI20634Astex SmartPower 3-stub tuner with integrated PPDExcellent 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
203278 MKS Instruments, Inc 3750-01145WG DUMMY LOAD 500W WATER COOLExcellent 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
213304 MKS Instruments, Inc Astex 1.0kW AX3060SmartMatch Microwave Impedance Matching Unit Very Good 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
211656 MKS Instruments, Inc AX3060-1 for AX2115SmartMatch Microwave Impedance Matching UnitExcellent 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
223137 MKS Instruments, Inc FI20164WR284 waveguide equipped with power detection.Excellent 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
165746 MKS Instruments, Inc FI20166 (3750-01147)AMAT TUNER 1/4-GUIDE WL 2.45GHZ 3KW 3-STUB. 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
203295 MKS Instruments, Inc FI20608, Fl2060890-degree microwave waveguide elbowVery Good 3 F* Leominster, Massachusetts
203376 National Electronics WR340TUNERA3 stub tunerVery Good 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
197844 Sairem 6kW Sairem 6kW water-cooled circulator & dummy loadExcellent 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
235341 Tel Unity M SCCM 1 Burlington, Vermont
236291 Tel Unity M SCCM200mm Plasma Etch 1 Burlington, Vermont
184653 Ulvac FI20170 (0760-01028)3-way water-cooled Circulator 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
197422 Waveline 225-01Three Port Junction Circulator Liquid Cooled 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
215283 WR430 to WR340 Rectangular Waveguide Adaptor 1 Leominster, Massachusetts
124316 Yield Engineerng Sys CV100PZMicrowave Downstream Asher--2.4 GHz 1 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Plasma Processing Equipment and Tools:
Applied Materials, Inc., Astex, Cober, Connecticut Microwave, Gerling, Hitachi, LAM, LAM Research Corp., MKS Instruments, Inc., National Electronics, Sairem, Tel, Ulvac, Waveline, Yield Engineering Systems