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Other Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionVacuum System#PriceNotes Location
1827 Airco Temescal SFIH2701Single Crucible Electron Beam Source 1 3,750.00 F* Scotia, New York
181076 CVC 601DC Magnetron Sputtering Cathode 1 Scotia, New York
163776 CVD Equipment Corp Custom R&DReel to Reel Vacuum Process Web Coater 1 F* Scotia, NY
163850 Heraeus 09751751Infrared Emitter Assembly 1 F* Scotia, New York
22993 Inficon 6MHz SENSOR CRYSTALSensor Crystal 37 45.00 Scotia, New York
142698 Inficon 782-900-030Guardian IV Optical Detector 2 3,310.00 Scotia, New York
139274 Inficon Guardian IVDeposition Controller 2 F* Scotia, New York
83856 Inficon IC/4Deposition Controller 13 Scotia, New York
106516 Inficon IC/4 PLUSDeposition Controller 1 4,600.00 Scotia, New York
63730 Inficon SENTINEL III Thin Flim Deposition Controller 1 Scotia, New York
106310 Jobin Yvon DigiTwinEnd Point Detector 1 F* Scotia, New York
165969 Lacotech LVC 1212-3111-VIXCylindrical Vacuum ChamberNone 1 600.00 Scotia, New York
165970 Lacotech LVC1820-2111-VI-JPCylindrical Vacuum Chamber None 1 900.00 Scotia, New York
10296 MAGNETRONMagnetron 4 Scotia, New York
85226 MAGNETRON HEAD PK 90Magnetron Head 1 Scotia, New York
140569 MAGNETRON SPUTTERING CATHODE 6" x 40"Production Magnetron Cathode 6" x 40" 1 F* Scotia, New York
92507 MAGNETRON SPUTTERING CATHODE, 6"Magnetron Sputtering Cathode 4 Scotia, New York
202650 MDC 600-4TChamber - 4 Way Cross, Door, View Ports, 8" CFNone 1 2,850.00 F* Scotia, New York
6806 PLANER MAGNETRON SPUTTERING CATHODEPlaner Magnetron Sputtering Cathode 2 3,775.00 Scotia, NY
191060 SemiSoft Inc. MProbe VIS20 In-situThin Film Measurement -- Spectroscopic ReflectanceNone 1 Scotia, New York
148277 STAINLESS STEEL 32" TALL X 31.5" Dia. BELL JAR32" TALL X 31.5" Dia. 1 Scotia, New York
83849 Telemark XY SWEEPXY Sweep Control 3 1,950.00 Scotia, New York
94792 VACUUM CHAMBERVacuum Chamber 1 2,500.00 Scotia, NY
151843 VACUUM CHAMBERVacuum ChamberNone 1 F* Scotia, NY
187170 Varian Core SystemSS 25.5" Diameter X 30" High Vacuum ChamberNone 1 Scotia, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment:
Airco Temescal, Consolidated Vacuum Corp, CVD Equipment Corp, Heraeus, Inficon, Jobin Yvon, Lacotech, MDC, SemiSoft Inc., Telemark, Varian