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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
94748 Advance 500 VAC, 120/240VAC, 24 VAC 2 Plano, TX
105170 Advanpro Corp. Mfr*10-100217BUTTON STOP 59 Hudson, NY
94757 Air Pax SPST Switch, 15A, 125VAC 1 Plano, TX
105202 Alco Switch Mfr*C-12-0BUTTON, SWITCH BLACK SCREW ON 4 Hudson, NY
105203 Alco Switch Mfr*C-12-2BUTTON, SWITCH RED SCREW ON 8 Hudson, NY
138845 Allen-Bradley OEM*:OEM*42SML-7000Photoswitch Sub-Miniature Led Source 3 Plano, TX
94763 ALPHA SEM AG C2350.000.004B Switch, 7 pin 2 F* Plano, TX
87433 Applied Materials 0270-01005sw. optical Slotted PC Mount 1 Plano, TX
87385 Applied Materials 1270-01251Pressure Switch 2 Plano, TX
105163 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0090-00028Switch Atmosphere Pressure 2 685.18 Hudson, NY
141477 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0090-00659 Float Switch 1 Plano, TX
64566 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-01294HA/VACUUM GAUGE,POWER MODULE 300MM 23 Hudson, NY
105165 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*02-82900-00Switch Thermostat 9 310.08 Hudson, NY
105172 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1270-01107Flow Switch Water 2 350.09 Hudson, NY
105173 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1270-01337FLOW SWITCH 1 75.02 Hudson, NY
115504 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*26-82219-00CAM Switch 2 Hudson, NY
94850 ASCO 8030A17VHVacuum Switch 10-6 Torr 1 Plano, TX
94852 ASCO HV2681851Vacuum Switch 10-6 Torr 1 Plano, TX
115512 Axcelis Technologies Mfr*7284-0002-00Switch, Micro Unload AR 3 Hudson, NY
105191 Axcelis Technologies OEM*:OEM*7284-0001-0005Microswitch, Shutter 1 Hudson, NY
94893 Black Box SW934AKeyboard Video Switch 2 Plano, TX
105177 Bruce (BTI) OEM*:OEM*26914/FS-295Flow Switch Water 0.1 G 2 55.01 Hudson, NY
94987 C & K 5205Rocker Switch 1 Plano, TX
115498 CGA Corporation OEM*:OEM*028506G15Optical Switch 1 Hudson, NY
115515 Cherry Corporation Mfr*E33-00KMicro Switch 3 Hudson, NY
150031 Cherry OEM*:OEM*F83X-B110 Electromechanical Switch Line Interupt 2 Plano, TX
105199 Clippard Mfr*96-0001SWITCH VACUUM 1 48.01 Hudson, NY
115518 Clippard Mfr*PS-T3K-BSwitch Micro SPDT 1 Hudson, NY
105213 Compac Engineering I Mfr*MPS-100-01-1Switch Level Vertical 19 Hudson, NY
105186 Custom Control Senso Mfr*611G9063Pressure Switch 5 Hudson, NY
105209 Cuttler-Hammer Mfr*J11CONTACT, AUXILLARY WEST TYPE-J11 1 Hudson, NY
136988 Digi-Key OEM*:OEM*GH7101Rotary Switch 1 Plano, TX
142590 EAO Switch Corporati OEM*:OEM*704-944.33Emergency Power Switch 3 Plano, TX
105166 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*028943G1Microswitches, Aperture 1 Hudson, NY
105167 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*031491G1Switch Reed 4 101.03 Hudson, NY
115506 Gem Sensors & Contro Mfr*42295Switch Liquid Level 1 Hudson, NY
95286 GEMS FS 925Brass Flow Switch 2 Plano, TX
105208 GEMS Mfr*FS-926-58139Switch O2 Flow 4.75 SCFM 2 300.08 Hudson, NY
105182 Grayhill Mfr*44MY29553Keylock Rotary Switch, 3 DPST switches 1 Hudson, NY
105194 Grayhill Mfr*76SB10SSWITCH, 10 POS. DIP STRAIGHT 4 Hudson, NY
95337 H.O. Trerice D06914Air Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
105195 Honeywell Mfr*8603219Switch Limit Cantilever 10 Hudson, NY
95366 Humphrey Gas Switch 250A with Boost 21 4 Plano, TX
115510 Humphrey Products Co Mfr*61562Switch Stop 2 Hudson, NY
95368 IFM IW5053Switch, Proximity Inductive, 1 Watt 1 Plano, TX
105178 IMO Mfr*26915/FS-295Switch Flow Water .25G 3 80.02 Hudson, NY
142458 Keyence OEM*:OEM*FS-V11Keyence FS-V11 Fiberoptic Sensor Am... 1 Plano, TX
142452 Keyence OEM*:OEM*FS-V22RKeyence FS-V22R Digital Display Fib... 4 Plano, TX
105175 Leybold Mfr*16406Switch 10 Torr Diaphragm 1 400.11 Hudson, NY
105211 Madison Co Mfr*M5000 6916-200Switch Vertical Flout 2 Hudson, NY
95838 Malema M-200-P-1-BFlow Switch and Pump 1 Plano, TX
95836 Malema M-200-S-1-BFlow Switch-Adjustable Series 1 Plano, TX

Matsushita Switch: Chuck up...

1 Plano, Texas
149972 MATSUSHITA OEM*:OEM*AJ241R11Switch Unit 2 Plano, TX
95859 Micro Switch 11SM1-TMicroswitch, 5A 250VAC 8 Plano, TX
95858 Micro Switch 4A25BEA41-8735Amp 125V, Max 5A, 250VAC 2 Plano, TX
115508 Microswitch Corp. Mfr*60704Switch On/Off Control 2 Hudson, NY
115509 Microswitch Corp. Mfr*60705-03Switch Auto/Manual Control 1 Hudson, NY
105219 Microswitch Mfr*PWCGSwitch Base 10 5.00 Hudson, NY
95891 NASON SM-1A-8F/QCPressure Switch-Non Adjustable 4 Plano, TX
105168 Negano Keiki Mfr*036-004442-1Switch, Pressure Sensor Switch Gague 2 Hudson, NY
105185 Novellus Systems, In OEM*:OEM*60-114785-00Switch ATM 1 Hudson, NY
96294 Nupro 6L-FU4C-T4AMagnetic Switch 1 Plano, TX
105205 Omron Mfr*E2E-X5MF1Inductive Proximity Sensor 2 Hudson, NY
105206 Omron Mfr*E2K-X4ME2Capacitive Proximity Switch 2 62.52 Hudson, NY
105207 Omron Mfr*E3X-A51Photoelectric Switch, Light Barrier 1 Hudson, NY
105223 Omron Mfr*TL-W5F1SWITCH PROXIMITY w/AMP Connector 2 Hudson, NY
127584 Omron Mfr*TL-X5MC1-GLProximity Switch 12-24VDC 4 Plano, TX
140463 Omron OEM*:OEM*D2D-1001 Door Interlock Switch 2 Plano, TX
143115 Omron OEM*:OEM*E3X-NT11Photoelectric Switch 2 Plano, TX
105221 Oslo Switch Mfr*SLA5A28VD4M9Switch, Push Button, Lighted,DPST, Green, 28V 2 Hudson, NY
105224 Phoenix Contact Mfr*TMC-1-F1-100-10A10 Amp Contact Switch 5 Hudson, NY
105225 Phoenix Contact Mfr*TMC-2-M1-120-4A4 Amp Contact Switch 8 Hudson, NY
96616 Pneumatico P3A-4-20D6 switch cluster 4 wire, no/nc 1 Plano, TX
148007 Precision Sensors OEM*:OEM*P36W-94 5PSIG Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
148006 Precision Sensors OEM*:OEM*P8B-38500 PSI Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
149974 Proteus Hyperbaric OEM*:OEM*O300CFluid Flow Switch 2 Plano, TX
149973 Proteus Hyperbaric OEM*:OEM*O350CFluid Flow Switch 1 Plano, TX
105188 RyanHerco Mfr*6957.010 4595Flow Switch STR Body 1.0 GPM NO PP 1 Hudson, NY
96156 Sigmameltic PS-10N Vacuum Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
96157 Sigmameltic PS-10N Vacuum Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
105214 Silicon Valley Group Mfr*MPX2100GVPSwitch SVG Chuck Vacuum 190 Hudson, NY
105171 Silicon Valley Group OEM*:OEM*109-172TEBR Reed Switch 3/4" OD 2 Hudson, NY
94212 SMC ISE4-T1-25Digital Pressure Switch
Max Pr...
1 Plano, TX
96053 SMC NVJ7140-5MZPressure Switch 3 Plano, TX
96051 SMC ZSE5B-T2-27L

SMC ZSE5B-T2-27L Digital Pressure Switch

3 Plano, Texas
150083 SMC OEM*:OEM*ISE4-01-26Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
141479 SMC OEM*:OEM*ISE5B-T2-67L Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
105227 Square-D OEM*:OEM*XS1N05PA310SWITCH, LEAD DETECT 2 105.03 Hudson, NY
115505 Switchcraft Inc. Mfr*311SM703-TMicroswitch SNGCA Index 12 Hudson, NY
94281 Tencor 415-06819-000Switch, 6A/250VAC 1 Plano, TX
94258 Texas Instruments 4084576-0001Microswitch Cable 10 Plano, TX
105176 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*2187-160504-12EMO (F1) Switch 3 Hudson, NY
149183 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*2986-448784-12TEL 2986-448784-12 Proximity Switch... 1 Plano, TX
93653 United Electric Ctls J40 9608Pressure Switch 1 Plano, TX
105169 Unknown Mfr*10031Switch Reed 2 Hudson, NY
115503 Unknown Mfr*115503Switch Start 1 Hudson, NY
115499 Unknown Mfr*15421-100Switch Start SRD 1 Hudson, NY
115500 Unknown Mfr*15421-105Switch Stop SRD 2 Hudson, NY
115501 Unknown Mfr*23F106Switch Toggle 1 Hudson, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Switches:
Advance, Advanpro Corp., Air Pax, Alco Switch, Allen-Bradley, ALPHA SEM AG, Applied Materials, Inc., ASCO, Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Black Box, Bruce (BTI), C & K, CGA Corporation, Cherry, Cherry Corporation, Clippard, Compac Engineering I, Custom Control Senso, Cuttler-Hammer, Digi-Key, EAO Switch Corporati, GCA/Precision Scientific, Gem Sensors & Contro, GEMS, Grayhill, H.O. Trerice, Honeywell, Humphrey, Humphrey Products Co, IFM, IMO, Keyence, Leybold, Madison Co, Malema, MATSUSHITA, Micro Switch, Microswitch, Microswitch Corp., NASON, Negano Keiki, Novellus Systems, Inc., Nupro, Omron, Oslo Switch, Phoenix Contact, Pneumatico, Precision Sensors, Proteus Hyperbaric Systems Inc, RyanHerco, Sigmameltic, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Square-D, Switchcraft Inc., Tencor, Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electronics Limited, United Electric Ctls, Unknown, Varian, WASCO, Whitman Controls, Yamatake