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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
103483 3M OEM*:OEM*3374-1000SOCKET, 24P BREAD BOARD 11 Hudson, NY
94743 ABB Control 6 Plano, TX
149057 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*7000-0028PCB Card Cage 1 Plano, TX
94759 Air Pot S160P105XActuator 2 Plano, TX
103473 Allen Bradley OEM*:OEM*1794-1B16Flex I/O 24 VDC Sink Input 1 Hudson, NY
103474 Allen Bradley OEM*:OEM*1794-ANDFlex I/O DeviceNet Adapter 2 Hudson, NY
103502 Allen Bradley OEM*:OEM*96219671MODULE, I/O FLEX COMBO ANALOG 1 Hudson, NY
103503 Allen Bradley OEM*:OEM*96221881MODULE, I/O FLEX OUTPUT 1 Hudson, NY
103504 Allen Bradley OEM*:OEM*96235881MODULE, I/O FLEX ANALOG INPUT 1 Hudson, NY
103509 Allen OEM*:OEM*ATGC25FFADAPTOR, 25F-25F, Pin to Pin 17 Hudson, NY
139850 Allen-Bradley OEM*:OEM*855T-B24DN3-5Stack Lights Steady Incandescent 24V Green, Red... 3 Plano, TX
103470 AMAT OEM*:OEM*1040-01061METER, WATT BIAS ETO 1 Hudson, NY
147557 Amperex OEM*:OEM*4-125A/4D21Electron Tube 1 Plano, TX
59097 Applied Materia Mfr*01-81912-00Analog Interface Unit Model 8100K 7"x9"x4.5" 1 Hudson, NY
92766 Applied Materials 0010-09416

Applied Materials 0010-09416

1 3,000.80 Plano, Texas
87386 Applied Materials 0015-09057Vexta Stepping Motor 1 Plano, TX
92945 Applied Materials 0021-17180Rod, RF Contact 300mm 1 Plano, TX
87404 Applied Materials 0150-38433Power Supply-Gas Panel 2 Plano, TX
87302 Applied Materials 0910-010741/4x1 Fuse Carrier 2 Plano, TX
61042 Applied Materials Mfr*1010-010881000W 120V Tungsten Halogen Lamp 6 38.01 Hudson, NY
97040 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0015-00101STEPPER MOTOR 1 Hudson, NY
89429 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0020-90237RAIL, TERMINAL, BUSBAR, EARTH 2 59.02 Hudson, NY
137833 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0100-00060 Applied Materials Chopper Drive Mod... 1 Plano, TX
89372 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-13069INVERTER, 1000VDC, HTESC HI-VOLTAGE POWE 1 3,816.02 Hudson, NY
97044 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0620-01289HCRD-6-1 6' Power Cord 120 Volts 1 Hudson, NY
99150 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1010-00142Assy, Lamp replacement 1 757.45 Hudson, NY
99156 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1010-90030LAMP, 24V/1.2W MBC - AMI -LMP 8 1.35 Hudson, NY
103469 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1040-01060METER, WATT SOURCE ETO 1 Hudson, NY
89419 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1080-01194MOTOR GEAR SERVO 24VDC 100RPM 2 199.05 Hudson, NY
89430 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02341CONN STRN-RLF LIQ-TIGHT .231-.394"D CAB 2 2.00 Hudson, NY
89431 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02347CONN STRN-RLF LIQ-TIGHT .420-.546"D CAB 1 2.00 Hudson, NY
97035 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02797FTG CND LOCK NUT 3/4"THD 1.42ODX9/32THK STL/ZINC 11 Hudson, NY
97036 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-03334FTG CND CONN SR 1.25"HUB X .880-1.065"D-CA W/NUT 1 Hudson, NY
97038 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3580-01013Plug Btn Pnl 7/8 Dia Hole 3 Hudson, NY
138869 Applied Materials Sup*:Sup*1230-00002SKT, Lamp, 4" Leads 1 Plano, TX
103705 Arrow Hart Controls Mfr*60151 / ACC323UMM20Definite Purpose Magnetic Contactor 1 Hudson, NY
103725 Arrow Hart Controls Mfr*ACC730U20Contactor 75A 1 85.02 Hudson, NY
103505 Arrow OEM*:OEM*AC31AAddressable RS232 Interface 120 VAC 3 Hudson, NY
147936 AT&T OEM*:OEM*BCR-200Bar Code Reader 1 Plano, TX
103707 Athena Controls Mfr*6075-8-81Athena Temperature Controller 2 Hudson, NY
103708 Athena Controls Mfr*6075-S-E1Temperature Controller 1 Hudson, NY
88762 Athena Mfr*86-A-B-03CSeries 80 Temp Controller 1 Hudson, NY
137694 Auer OEM*:OEM*3638-130AMagazine 38 Plano, TX
103693 Axcelis Technologies Mfr*1932-0003-00Fan Cover, MP2 Air Circulation 6 Hudson, NY
103713 Axcelis Technologies OEM*:OEM*7286-0006-00Interlock, Male 8 Hudson, NY
94873 Baldor BSM63A-138-SPLServo Motor 1 Plano, TX
141806 Balmac OEM*:OEM*191-5Vibration Transmitter 1 Plano, TX
103672 Balzer OEM*:OEM*021 872-TRS232 / RS422 Interrface TCP380 1 Hudson, NY
103732 Bold Technologies Mfr*BOLD TechnologiesProgrammable Process Timer 7 Hudson, NY
147498 Branson OEM*:OEM*12255-GPower Distribution LP 1 Plano, TX
103714 Bryant Mfr*7286-0006-00 4900DInterlock, Female 6 Hudson, NY
103524 CKE Inc OEM*:OEM*Z130LA20AVARISTOR, 200V SUPPRESSOR 13 Hudson, NY
137689 Compact Air Products OEM*:OEM*QS97-130-A Pneumatic CylinderPneumatic Cyliner 1 Plano, TX
103508 Cuttler-Hammer OEM*:OEM*AN16BN0ACONTACTOR, MOTOR 1 Hudson, NY
103513 Cuttler-Hammer OEM*:OEM*E22B1CONTRACT BLOCK, NORM CLOSED 21 Hudson, NY
149541 Desco OEM*:OEM*09826Common Ground Cord, 10mm Stud Wires 15ft 1 Plano, TX
136890 Digi-Key OEM*:OEM*490-5053-ND Filter EMI .1GOHM 10A 1M-1GHZ 161 Plano, TX
103488 DNS OEM*:OEM*5-39-01445DRIVER, MOTOR A4402-9415TGW 2 Hudson, NY
148000 Donfoss OEM*:OEM*VLT2800240VAC/2.7kVA/2HP Variable Speed Drive 2 Plano, TX
147790 Dutec OEM*:OEM*BD040I/O Plexer 3 Plano, TX
137191 Dwyer OEM*:OEM*Temperature transmitter, Pt100 RTD input, range... 3 Plano, TX
137192 Dwyer OEM*:OEM*1910Designed for air conditioning service, they als... 3 Plano, TX
103717 Eurotherm Mfr*912-911659Controller 1 Hudson, NY
103721 Faulhaber Mfr*FaulhaberMotor Gear Ass'y SMIF Indexer 1 Hudson, NY
139999 Ferran Scientific OEM*:OEM*CNL-03Ferran Scientific CNL-03 Micropole ... 1 Plano, TX
95273 Fuji Electric Power Terminal 1 Plano, TX
129074 Gasonics Mfr*97-2403Kit- Ionizer Bar, Controller and Power Strip 1 Plano, TX
103675 GCA/Precision OEM*:OEM*031752Dispersion Ring 150mm 2 Hudson, NY
103742 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*MD24D1Fan Ass'y DC Maximum 2K 1 Hudson, NY
103671 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*00108601Transmitter Thermocouple 1 Hudson, NY
103673 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*02105101RECEIVER LASER 4 Hudson, NY
103674 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*028634G1Assy Bar Code Reader 4 Hudson, NY
103676 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*032867G1Kit EPROM 6" Centering 2 Hudson, NY
103679 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*056573G1Amplifier Ass'y 1 WP Module 1 Hudson, NY
95288 GE 1021344-03293 pin Projection 20V Lamp 2 Plano, TX
95287 GE 1021344-07292 pin Miniature 6V Lamp 2 Plano, TX
147354 Gems Sensors Inc OEM*:OEM*M103005Totalizer/Ratemeter 1 Plano, TX
103511 Gerwah OEM*:OEM*DKN 20/32-6,2H7-7,9H7DKN Series Metal Bellows Coupling, input 6.2mm ... 1 Hudson, NY
103512 Gerwah OEM*:OEM*DKN 20/32-7,9H7-9,9H7DKN Series Metal Bellows Coupling, input 7.9mm ... 1 Hudson, NY
95291 Globe Motors 283-101-00027 VDC Motor 4 Plano, TX
103697 Granville Phil Mfr*275106-1Convectron Guage Controller 1 Hudson, NY
103704 Hewlett Packard Mfr*5501ALaser Transducer 1 Hudson, NY
95348 Hiatchi Glow Lamp Screw-in Starter 5 Plano, TX
136824 Hitachi OEM*:OEM*2M131Magnetron 2 Plano, TX
103507 Honeywell OEM*:OEM*AML51-F10RLENS, RED PUSHBUTTON 1 Hudson, NY
103739 Hubbell Lighting Mfr*HBL4729CAPlug, Torch Heater Power Twist-Lock 1 Hudson, NY
95365 Humphrey CN534AActuator 1 Plano, TX
103731 Indramat Mfr*DKC01-1-040-7-FWEcodrive Digital AC Servo Controller 2 Hudson, NY
103490 INTERMEC OEM*:OEM*699-928-001LENS, REPLACEMENT/RM30V 2 Hudson, NY
140948 Ion Gauge 30' 690065-00Ion Gauge 30' 1 Plano, TX
95376 ISLATROL IC+115Transformer, Isolator 2 Plano, TX
140004 Jabsco OEM*:OEM*34754-0000Blower 115V 1 Plano, TX
103501 Keithley Instruments OEM*:OEM*9126-CGM-RCapacitance / Conductance Meter - Repaired 2 Hudson, New York
103749 Kinetek Mfr*TT5-00Keypad Controller RTC-308 2 Hudson, NY
103730 Klockner-Moeller Mfr*DIL00M-GMotor Starter 8 Hudson, NY
103755 Klockner-Moeller Mfr*Z00-1.6Motor Starter 2 Hudson, NY
103738 Levelite Mfr*GLL102S1N10

Universal Controller 2 Channel 120VAC

5 Hudson, New York
140679 Light Pen 2865062BLight Pen 2 Plano, TX
103686 Litton Mfr*107-1015Tool, Insertion, Removable Contacts 3 Hudson, NY
134214 Magnecraft Inc. OEM*:OEM*388CQX-27412VDC Relay 3 Plano, TX
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Electrical and Electronic Components:
3M, ABB Control, AG Associates, Air Pot, Allen, Allen Bradley, Allen-Bradley, Amperex, Applied Materials, Inc., Arrow Hart Controls, Athena, Athena Controls Inc, Auer, Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Balmac, CKE Inc, Compact Air Products, Cuttler-Hammer, Desco, Digi-Key, DNS, Donfoss, Dutec, Dwyer, Eurotherm, Faulhaber, Ferran Scientific, Fuji Electric, Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, GE, Gems Sensors Inc, Gerwah, Globe Motors, Granville Phillips, Hewlett Packard, Hiatchi, Humphrey, Indramat, INTERMEC, ISLATROL, Jabsco, Kinetek, Klockner-Moeller, Levelite, Litton, Magnecraft Inc., Materials Research Corp, Millipore, Mitsubishi, MKS Instruments, Inc., Modus, National, Newport, NIDEC, Novellus Systems, Inc., Omega, Omron, OPTO 22, Oriental Motor, Oriental Motor USA C, Orion, Panasonic, Perkin Elmer, Phoenix Contact, Prolog, RKC Precision, RSF Elektronik, Scaletron, Schmersal, Schumacher, SEIBERCO, Siemens, Silicon Valley Group, Sony, Span Instruments, Spectrum Scientific, Sporlan, STACO, Superior Electric, SwitchCraft, Symbol, Taiyo, Telemecanique, Telemecanique Inc, Temescal, Texas Instruments, THK, Tokyo Electronics Limited, TOSOH, Toyo Fan, Tylan General, Unknown, URC, Varian, Vernitech, Wago, Watlow, Westcon, Yaskawa Electric