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Other Wet Process Equipment

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
1798 Accel MICROCEL IISemi-Automatic Centrifugal Cleaning System 1 Scotia, NY
203973 Adixen APR4300Wafer Decontamination 1 F* Malta, New York
215692 Akrion MP-2000Test wafer clean bench - Missing parts 1 Singapore
199708 Applied Materials In Raider ECD300mm Cu Electroplater 1 Dresden, Saxony
218703 Dainippon Screen FC3000RCA Wet bench 1 Singapore
212134 DMS Tornado 200Centrifugal Force Photomask Container Cleaner 1 Burlington, Vermont
196207 FSI ScorpioWet Developer 1 East Fishkill, New York
183751 GTX Marketing Wet BenchWet Support bench 1 Singapore
206649 Imtec Acculine QRT-110Recirculating Process Vessel 1 1,650.00 Scotia, New York
206630 Imtec Acculine QRT/S-A1502Recirculating Process Vessel 1 1,850.00 Scotia, New York
206647 Imtec Acculine QZ-A1002-11Constant Temperature Quartz Bath 1 1,350.00 Scotia, New York
206648 Imtec Acculine QZ-A1502Constant Temperature Quartz Bath 1 1,575.00 F* Scotia, New York
210071 ITS Single Mix TankCHEMICAL MIXER STATION 1 East Fishkill, New York
705 Lufran SB SERIESTeflon Process Tank Heater 1 2,200.00 Scotia, New York
85387 Lufran SB5-403-A11Process Tank/Heater/Process Controller 2 3,000.00 Scotia, New York
172359 Modutek QA14-DA1Constant Temperature Bath 1 1,575.00 Scotia, New York
213693 Novellus Systems Sabre NeXTCobalt Plating 1 F* Malta, New York
135159 Semi-Tool WST 306 MGSpray Solvent Tool 1 Scotia, NY
7358 Semi-Tool WST 406 MGSpray Solvent Tool 2 F* Scotia, NY
205866 Semitool ACMS XT IIPlating bath analyzer 1 Dresden, Saxony
205867 Semitool ACMSOXT-AGS-ESemitool, ACMS0XT-ASG-E, Plating Bath Replenisher 1 Dresden, Saxony
201204 Semitool ECD310Copper Plating - Electro-Chemical Deposition 1 Dresden, Saxony
201206 Semitool Raider ECD 310Cu Plating, Electro-Chemical Depostion 1 Dresden, Saxony
199968 Semitool RAIDER sp312BEVEL CLEAN Process 1 Singapore
202876 Semitool SpectrumSpray Clean Polymer removal 1 Singapore
209829 Semitool Spectrum300Wet Clean Spray Processor 1 Malta, New York
203143 Steag 300mm TiW Wet Etch ToolWet TiW etch tool 1 East Fishkill, New York
204404 Steag ElectroDep 2000Pb / Sn Plating Tool 1 F* East Fishkill, New York
203128 Steag-Mattson 300 mm TIW Tool 2Wet Etch Tool 1 East Fishkill, New York
182331 Steag-Mattson TiW Etch ToolWet Etch tool 1 Fishkill, NY
207401 Superior Automation SA100-72-48-80-WBLab Fab Fume Hood Work Station 1 F* Scotia, New York
217369 Tel OrionSerial no: 1501-0006-0110 1 F* East Fishkill, New York
209645 Tokyo Electron Limit Antares300mm, Clean Spray Processor 1 East Fishkill, New York
208826 Tokyo Electron Limit FSI OrionSurface Preparation 1 Malta, New York
208827 Tokyo Electron Limit FSI OrionSurface Preparation 1 Malta, New York
208828 Tokyo Electron Limit FSI OrionSurface Preparation 1 Malta, New York
181822 Universal Plastics Solvent Bench 1 Singapore

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Wet Process Equipment:
Accel, Adixen, Akrion, Applied Materials Inc., Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., DMS, FSI, GTX Marketing, Imtec Acculine, ITS, Lufran, Modutek, Novellus Systems, Semi-Tool, Semitool, Steag, Steag-Mattson, Superior Automation, Tel, Tokyo Electron Limited, Universal Plastics Corporation