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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionMakeModelDescription#PriceNotes Location
203074 Applied Materials, ELITE M5 MC, 300mm, eBeam InspectionAMATElite M5 MCe-Beam Inspeciton 1 Dresden, Saxony
207935 Bruker, AFM, 300mm, InSight 3D-DRBrukerInSight 3D-DRAFM 1 Burlington, Vermont
204304 Bruker, D8 Discover, 300mm, X-Ray MetrologyBrukerD8 DiscoverX-Ray Metrology 1 Dresden, Saxony
209828 Bruker, D8FABLINE, 300mm, X-Ray MetrologyBrukerD8 FablineX-Ray Metrology 1 Malta, New York
210074 Dektak, V200SI, Surface ProfilometerDektakV200SSurface Profile Measurement 1 East Fishkill, New York
199446 HMI, EP3, 300mm, E-Beam Inspection SystemHermes Microvisep3300mm, e-beam inspection system 1 East Fishkill, New York
204305 HMI, eP4 320, 300mm, ebeam InspectionHermes MicroviseP4e-Beam Inspeciton 1 Malta, New York
199986 HMI, eScan 320, 300mm, ebeam InspectionHermes MicroviseScan 320Ebeam Probe 1 F* Malta, New York
212703 HMI, eScan 500, 300mm, eBeam Inspection ToolHermes MicroviseScan500eBeam Inspection Tool 1 Malta, New York
218934 HMI, ESCAN 500, 300mm, S/N NE07130Hermes MicrovisESCAN 500EBeam Inspection 1 Malta, New York
179748 MULTIPROBE MP1, Atomic Force Prober (AFP), 300mmMultiprobeMP1Atomic Force Prober (AFP) 1 F* Dresden, SN
203137 Suss Microtec XBC 300, 300mm, Automated Bonding ToolSuss MicroTecXBC300Bonder 1 East Fishkill, New York
191172 VEECO (Bruker Nano), X-1D, AFM, 300mmVeecoX-1D ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPE (AFM) 1 Dresden, Saxony
191173 VEECO (Bruker Nano), X-3D, AFM, 300mmVeecoX-3D AFMAtomic Force Microscope (AFM) 1 Dresden, Saxony
191174 VEECO (Bruker Nano), X-3D, AFM, 300mmVeecoX-D3 AFMAtomic Force Microscope (AFM) 1 Dresden, Saxony

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