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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsYr MadeCondition#PriceNotes Location
1648 CRYO TRAP Trap- Cryo 2 1,100.00 Scotia, NY
152118 Duniway Stockroom IFT-NW 25-4Trap-Inline Molecular Sieve New-Never Used 2 220.00 F* Scotia, New York
185507 Edwards ITO 300Inlet Catchpot, 7.87 Liter with ISO63 Flange 2 650.00 Scotia, NY
168808 Ferrotec HS-2000-SLXSCFerrotec Ferrofluidic Seal Feedthrough p/n 50-1...New-Never Used 2 Leominster, MA
130641 FORELINE TRAPTrap- Froeline Refillable 1 150.00 Scotia, New York
186235 Ideal Vacuum Product P101861Trap - Foreline Refillable New-Never Used 10 100.00 Scotia, New York
2634 Key High Vacuum MT300Trap, Molecular Sieve, ForelineLike New 1 275.00 Scotia, New York
934 Leybold 85415Trap, Adsorption, with Aluminum Oxide 3 370.00 Scotia, New York
2371 Leybold 85416Trap, AdsorptionVery Good 1 400.00 Scotia, New York
65946 Leybold PS 113Low Pressure Saftey Switch 1 360.00 Scotia, New York
120646 Leybold RST25KFTrap- Foreline Refillable 1 195.00 Scotia, New York
93763 MDC KDFT-6150-2Trap-Foreline 3 215.00 Scotia, New York
120743 MDC MST-302/L-400Trap- Molecular Sieve Foreline 1 325.00 Scotia, New York
4774 MDC MST152Trap- Molecular Sieve 1 95.00 Scotia, New York
42133 MOLECULAR SIEVE TRAPTrap- Molecular Sieve 11515.01 Phase 1 170.00 Scotia, NY
141034 Nor-Cal Products FTMS-8-300Trap-Straight In Line Molecular Sieve 1201 Phase 1 425.00 Scotia, New York
120742 Nor-Cal Products SK881215-1Trap- Angle Metal Sieve 1 100.00 Scotia, New York
130881 Novellus Systems 27-229979Convectron GaugeNew-Never Used 1 Plano, TX
216601 Satis Satis 150 240100.03 Phase1985Very Good 1 14,000.00 N* Rochester, New York
140853 Veeco LL-776Trap- Water and Liquid N2 ASA 150 1 975.00 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Vacuum Equipment:
Duniway Stockroom , Edwards, Ferrotec, Ideal Vacuum Products, Key High Vacuum, Leybold, MDC, Nor-Cal Products, Novellus Systems, Satis, Veeco Instruments