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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionMin TempMax Temp#PriceNotes Location
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87273 Applied Materials 0020-85420 1 Plano, TX
87274 Applied Materials 0020-85421 Pre-Focus Aperature1 1 Plano, Texas
87271 Applied Materials 0020-86641 Bracket Suppression Electrode-NEW 1 Plano, TX
87260 Applied Materials 0021-11929Chamber Housing 1 Plano, TX
87257 Applied Materials 0021-20148 REV PAShield, Lower High Contact 3 Plano, TX
87343 Applied Materials 0021-35946 1 Plano, TX
87337 Applied Materials 0200-36105Insert-CHB (2" Ring) - UHV Cleaned 1 Plano, TX
87280 Applied Materials 0200-36524 1 Plano, Texas
87336 Applied Materials 0200-36609Isolator Lid-NEW 1 Plano, TX
87399 Applied Materials 0240-28005Turbo Cooling Chamber Kit-NEW 1 Plano, TX
87407 Applied Materials 0242-75857Kit-Chamber w/SST Flare Fittings 1 Plano, TX
176142 Despatch LPB1-40VHAST Chamber - 331F 90 PSIG166 2 F* Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Chambers:
Applied Materials, Inc., Despatch