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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionCondition#PriceNotes Location
185858 Aqueous Technologies Stencil Washer ECOUltrasonic Stencil Cleaning System 1 4,950.00 F* Scotia, NY
206301 ATV Technology 702Reflow Solder Chamber Oven 1 N* Scotia, New York
119891 ESEC BL--050-NDie Attacher Loader 1 Plano, TX
119890 ESEC BU--050-NDie Attacher Unloader 1 Plano, TX
207622 FICO AMS-11-MR MOLDINGFair 1 46,194.74 N* Regensburg, Bavaria
187773 Kulicke & Soffa 971 MicroWashSawed Wafer Cleaner 1 Scotia, NY
204631 Lauffer Mold Press Poor 2 23,766.45 Regensburg, Bavaria
206577 Speciality Coating S I500MIonograph Test Module 1 7,750.00 F*N* Scotia, New York
127671 Temptronic Corp TP04100ABench Top Thermal Inducing System 1 Scotia, NY
1299 Temptronic Corp TPO4000A1A212Thermal Inducing System Very Good 1 Scotia, NY
122358 Tokyo Process Servic Topro PF-1500AViscous Paste Filtration Machine 1 Scotia, NY
207602 TRIM FORM MACHINEPoor 1 12,870.61 N* Regensburg, Bavaria
188976 Ultra t Equipment SCS i124Manual Cleaning System -- Wafer, Photomask and ... 1 Scotia, New York
191749 Ultra t Equipment SWC111Manual Cleaning System -- Wafer 1 7,500.00 Scotia, New York
207601 Wafer inker machineFair 2 9,635.76 N* Regensburg, Bavaria

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Assembly / Hybrid:
Aqueous Technologies, ATV Technology, ESEC, Kulicke & Soffa, Speciality Coating Systems, Temptronic Corp, Tokyo Process Service, Ultra t Equipment