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Semiconductor Parts

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 Resistors  in Discrete Electronic Components  (4)

 Retaining Rings - Other  in Retaining Rings  (no items)

 Round Belts  in Drive Belts  (no items)

 RTP Chamber Components  in Chamber Components  (no items)

 Screws - Other  in Screws  (29)

 Semiconductor Equipment Parts - Other  in Semiconductor Parts  (3096)

 Sensors - Other  in Sensors  (67)

 Set screws  in Screws  (1)

 Shoulder Screws  in Screws  (no items)

 Small AC Servo Motor  in Small Special Purpose Motors  (1)

 Small DC Servo Motor  in Small Special Purpose Motors  (1)

 Small Stepper Motors  in Small Special Purpose Motors  (5)

 Smoke/Fire Detectors  in Sensors  (no items)

 Snap Retaining Rings  in Retaining Rings  (no items)

 Socket Head Cap Screws  in Screws  (7)

 Solenoid valves  in Valves  (40)

 Spacers  in Hardware  (no items)

 Spiral Retaining Rings  in Retaining Rings  (no items)

 Springs - Other  in Springs  (22)

 Standoffs  in Hardware  (1)

 Structural Pins  in Hardware  (no items)

 Switches  in Electrical and Electronic Components  (127)

 Temperature Sensors  in Sensors  (8)

 Thumb Screws  in Screws  (no items)

 Timing Belts  in Drive Belts  (20)

 Transformers, Electronic Equipment  in Power Supplies  (6)

 Transistors  in Discrete Electronic Components  (29)

 Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps  in Lamps  (no items)

 V-Belts  in Drive Belts  (1)

 Vacuum Angle Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (53)

 Vacuum Butterfly Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (16)

 Vacuum Fittings  in Vacuum Process Equipment  (141)

 Vacuum Gate Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (63)

 Vacuum Hoses  in Hoses  (no items)

 Vacuum In-Line Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (21)

 Vacuum Rectangular Gate Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (7)

 Vacuum Straight-Through Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (5)

 Vacuum Throttle Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (29)

 Vacuum Valve Accessories  in Vacuum Valves and Accessories  (1)

 Vacuum Valve Controllers  in Vacuum Valves and Accessories  (12)

 Vacuum Valves - Other  in Vacuum Valves  (10)

 Valves - Other  in Valves  (175)

 Vented Screws  in Screws  (no items)

 Washers - Other  in Washers  (3)

 Water filters  in Filters  (2)

 Wave Washers  in Washers  (no items)

 Weld Fittings  in Fittings  (no items)

 Wiring Harness  in Wiring/Interconnect  (77)

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Semiconductor Parts:
3M, Advanced Energy, Advantest, AG Associates, Amphenol, Applied Materials Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., Axcelis Technologies GmbH, BIMBA, Brooks Instrument, Bruce (BTI), BTU Engineering, Bussmann, CGA Corporation, CKD, Clippard, Compact Air Products, DNS, DuPont, Dwyer, Eaton, Edwards, Electronic Measurements Inc, ENI Power Systems, ENTEGRIS, Fabco Air, Fluoroware, FSI, Furon, Fusion Systems Inc., Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, General Electric, Glassman, Greene, Tweed Technologies, Inc., Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, HPS, Humphrey Products Co, Huntington, HVA, Keyence, Koganei, Kurt Lesker, LAM, Lambda, Leybold, Littelfuse, Materials Research Corp, MDC, MDC Vacuum Products, Metron, Millipore, MKS Instruments, Inc., Motorola, Mykrolis, National, Nikon, Nor-Cal Products, Novellus Systems, Inc., Nupro, Omega, Omron, OPTO 22, Oriental Motor, Osram, PACIFIC RUBBER, Pall Corporation, Parker, Phoenix Contact, Pillar, Potter & Brumfield, Prometrix, Prometrix Corporation, Schumacher, Semitool, Siemens, Signet, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Sorensen, Spellman, SUNX, Swagelok, Swagelok Company, The, SwitchCraft, Tel, Telemecanique Inc, Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, TOSOH, Trebor, UC Components, Unit Instruments, Unknown, Varian, VAT, Veriflo, Westinghouse