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in Wafer Inspection Microscopes
Deal directly with Owner:  Catalyst Equipment Corporation of Plano, Texas
Item ID: 212138

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Nikon Optiphot 150 Wafer Inspection Microscope

Nikon Optiphot-150S Wafer Inspection Microscope

  • 5X 10X, 20X, 50X & 100X CF Plan Brightfield EPI Objective Lenses
  • Ergo Trinocular Head with CFWN 10X/20 WF Eyepieces
  • Wafer Stage for Use with Nikon NWL Wafer Loader
  • 12V/50W Lamphouse with Internal Illumination Transformer
  • Nikon NWL-641M Wafer Loader & Wafer Transfer XYO Stage
  • Macro Inspection Capability
  • Bright/Darkfield Objective Lenses Optional

Location: Plano, Texas
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Nikon
Model Optiphot 150
Microscope Type Upright
Microscope Configuration Brightfield, Darkfield & DIC
Illumination Type Coaxial
Binocular Angle 45°
  Model CFWN
  Magnification 10 X
  Field Number 20 mm
  Focusing YES
Trinocular/Phototube Provided YES
Wafer Size 152.40  mm  (6.00 in)
Multiple Objectives Models 

CF Plan 5X/0.13 ∞/0 EPI

CF Plan 10X/0.30 ∞/0 EPI

CF Plan 20X/0.46 ∞/0 EPI

CF Plan 50X/0.80 ∞/0 EPI

CF Plan 100X/0.96 ∞/0 EPI

Infinity Corrected Objectives YES
Illumination Power Volts: 12     Watts: 50
Power Supply Included YES
Wafer Stage/Loader 
  Manufacturer Nikon
  Model NWL-641M
  Wafer Size 152.40  mm  (6.00 in)
Stage Type Coaxial X-Y, Rotary

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Catalyst Equipment Corporation
Plano , Texas

Deal directly with Owner:  Catalyst Equipment Corporation of Plano, Texas