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  • Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
    56945 Applied Materia Mfr*0200-35427Rib Insert 5.00 Cooldown48 45.00 Hudson, NY
    56946 Applied Materia Mfr*0200-35428Rib Insert 3.00 Cooldown48 45.00 Hudson, NY
    Applied Materials 0020-13047Wafer Aluminum Calib.1 Plano, TX
    87306 Applied Materials 0020-78552Membrane-Rejected lot55 Plano, TX
    Applied Materials 0021-35869Perf. Shower Head3 Plano, TX
    Applied Materials 0200-20331Cover Ring1 F*Plano, TX
    99026 Applied Materials Mfr*0010-38188Liner, IPS Pump Port2 Hudson, NY
    56951 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-06447UPPER CAP INSULATOR2 Hudson, NY
    99036 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-29346-USHIELD, 8" CLMPD.190'THK AL 31 1,090.00 Hudson, NY
    99052 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-41125Washer, IPS Pump Port Liner8 23.21 Hudson, NY
    99054 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-79376Seal, Clamp, SST77 66.95 Hudson, NY
    99060 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-10693Slit Valve, insert2 376.35 Hudson, NY
    99061 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-10937Washer, Xaptive, 375 DIA15 7.97 Hudson, NY
    99063 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-17721Shield, Clamp1 1,855.00 Hudson, NY
    99066 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-35054CLAMP, QUARTZ WINDOW2 91.40 Hudson, NY
    99069 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-39935Liner, Upper4 428.64 Hudson, NY
    99070 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-39942Liner, Pump Port (IPS)2 825.50 Hudson, NY
    99071 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-39971-ULiner, Lower4 439.27 Hudson, NY
    99072 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-70102Clamp Ring Padded 8"" SNNF SST 4,445mm4 2,269.23 Hudson, NY
    99073 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-70176Foil, Corrugated CU20 113.36 Hudson, NY
    99074 Applied Materials Mfr*0040-32543Ring, Magnet, Lower (IPS)2 Hudson, NY
    99075 Applied Materials Mfr*0040-36425ASSY, SHELL 200MM, MIN SHWR DBLNOT,5 MIC2 2,427.75 Hudson, NY
    99080 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-00340Bushing, UPR Shield INS, S-IMP REV 1.311 140.89 Hudson, NY
    99081 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-00589Ring, Cover, no Tab for Wafer Notch CU8 1,555.73 Hudson, NY
    99082 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-00673Cover, Ring, 8"" IMP/BESC, AL, ARC Spra1 1,827.93 Hudson, NY
    99083 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-00674-URing, DEP 8" IMP/BESC, AL ARC SPRAY15 1,757.50 Hudson, NY
    99092 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-10390GAS DISTRB PLATE, CHAMBER, RPS2 1,579.50 Hudson, NY
    99094 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-20137PIN, PCII INSULATOR5 13.11 Hudson, NY
    99100 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-35526Pin Lift Triangular33 160.83 Hudson, NY
    99101 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-35580BUSHING, PIN TXZ3 74.75 Hudson, NY
    99103 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-36425Applicator, Tube Assy, MW Clean2 449.90 Hudson, NY
    99104 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-36428Tube, Ceramic Gas Feed, MW Clean2 36.84 Hudson, NY
    99108 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-39287RF Isolator, MIC Clean 200MMST2 453.44 Hudson, NY
    99110 Applied Materials Mfr*0270-20268PCII BellJar Beadblast Fixture4 140.00 Hudson, NY
    99019 Applied Materials Mfr*1840059Chuck cover2 104.15 Hudson, NY
    103835 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0020-09658CLAMP GAS BOX3 31.75 Hudson, NY
    54877 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09212WINDOW, QUARTZ (ASP)2 Hudson, NY
    89382 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0200-09478-SPLATE, GAS DIST, UPPER, 200MM ASP PRSP36 222.00 Hudson, NY
    56955 MRC Mfr*A120373SHIELD, ASSY, SMOOTH BEND, SPUT 150MM4 Hudson, NY
    56952 MRC Mfr*A121072SHIELD PIE PAN SPUT 22 Hudson, NY
    56944 MRC Mfr*D112649Shield Dark Space S-14 Hudson, NY
    56953 MRC Mfr*D115298SHIELD PIE PAN SPUT 32 Hudson, NY
    56954 MRC Mfr*D117924DARK SPACE SHIELD, RMX/A-10,SS1 Hudson, NY
    103858 MRC OEM*:OEM*D110325INSULATOR, CATHODE2 531.00 Hudson, NY
    103860 MRC OEM*:OEM*D111128DARK SPACE SHIELD1 2,457.03 Hudson, NY
    103861 MRC OEM*:OEM*D112646SHIELD RING, HTR, 150MM, SS5 776.00 Hudson, NY
    103862 MRC OEM*:OEM*D112647SHLD RING, HTR, 150MM, AL3 252.00 Hudson, NY
    103863 MRC OEM*:OEM*D113950DARK SPACE SHIELD, AL.2 595.00 Hudson, NY
    103838 North Park Metalwork Mfr*06-0022LEXAN WINDOW ELEC. COVER1 Hudson, NY
    103837 Novellus Systems, In OEM*:OEM*04-323454A01Installation Kit, Rotation Driver1 Hudson, NY
    102610 Novellus Systems, In OEM*:OEM*15-106566-00Insulator HV HCM1 Hudson, NY
    101767 Novellus Systems, In OEM*:OEM*15-106566-00-RInsulator HV HCM1 Hudson, NY
    103844 Novellus Systems, In OEM*:OEM*15-116755-00Shield, Wafer DFE1 Hudson, NY
    103845 Novellus Systems, In OEM*:OEM*15-119741-00Cap, Htr, DFE Damaclean2 1,950.00 Hudson, NY
    103846 Novellus Systems, In OEM*:OEM*15-120465-00Ring, Shield, DFE Damaclean2 Hudson, NY
    103839 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*0Y124AA-85415-RBAFFLE PLATE1 Hudson, NY
    103840 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*0Y129AA-85415-RBAFFLE PLATE1 Hudson, NY
    103841 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*1110-302166-11Spacer Teflon2 Hudson, NY
    103842 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*13020V-12421-RDEPOSITION SHIELD1 Hudson, NY
    103847 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*3Z001LN85415-RBAFFLE PLATE1 Hudson, NY
    103848 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*3Z004LN85415-RBAFFLE PLATE1 Hudson, NY
    103849 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*3Z089M95612Eelctrostatic Chuck for TEL RIE2 Hudson, NY
    103851 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*6-97122-17-RBAFFLE PLATE1 Hudson, NY
    103853 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*76020V-12416DEPOSITION SHIELD1 Hudson, NY
    103854 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*8X033AA-85415-RBAFFLE PLATE1 Hudson, NY
    103855 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*93021Z-12421-RDEPOSITION SHIELD1 Hudson, NY
    103856 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*97008V-12416-RDEPOSITION SHIELD1 Hudson, NY
    103859 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*D110508COVER, SCREW (Pack of 20)5 160.00 Hudson, NY
    103864 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*ES1D10-100854C15STEP BAFFLE PLATE9 Hudson, NY
    91233 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*ES1D10-304603-11(ES) Cover Baffle U2 (DRM2)3 Hudson, NY
    103868 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*MD-9212025SPIN CHUCK (13544/41370)2 Hudson, NY
    141367 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*MD-9280193 ACT8 Process Module Cover Door6 Plano, TX
    94218 TOSOH 0238L-13-002-502Aluminum Target16 Plano, TX
    TOSOH 08003-13-036-502Aluminum Target15 Plano, TX
    TOSOH 3235F-22-000-450Aluminum Target 11.547 diameter3 Plano, TX
    94215 TOSOH 3481P-74001-45000VAluminum Target TI PN 4201227-00021 Plano, TX
    103865 Unknown Mfr*G20009CQuartz Bowl1 Hudson, NY
    103866 Varian OEM*:OEM*H1393006PLATEN ASSY. 6"1 Hudson, NY
    103867 Varian OEM*:OEM*H7031001HOUSING, SOURCE GATE VALVE1 Hudson, NY

    *  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Process Kit Components:
    Applied Materials, Inc., Materials Research Corp, North Park Metalwork, Novellus Systems, Inc., Tokyo Electronics Limited, TOSOH, Unknown, Varian