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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
Accel MICROCEL IISemi-Automatic Centrifugal Cleaning System1 Scotia, NY
190258 Akrion Gama1 N*Mesa, Arizona
Amerimade Tech 10 FT FAS-ENIG WET PROCESS STATIONElectroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Processin1 N*Sunnyvale, California
Amerimade Tech 12 FT RAS-PVCC CU ECD SYSTEMCopper (Cu) ElectroChemical Deposition (ECD) Plati1 N*Sunnyvale, California
192589 Amerimade Tech 2FT IPA VAPOR DRYING STATION2FT IPA VAPOR DRYING STATION, 300mm Isopropyl Alc1 N*Sunnyvale, California
Applied Materials In MIRRA- TRACKMirra 3400 (for CMP Polisher) & Ontrak (for CMP PO1 F*Singapore,
191550 Dainippon Screen WS-820L1 Singapore,
DainipponScreen SPW 813A1 Singapore,
DainipponScreen SPW 813A1 Singapore,
DainipponScreen SU30001 Taichung, Taichung City
Ebara Electroplate UFP-200/300A300mm Wafer Electroplating tool with 3 chemistry c1 East Fishkill, NY
Ebara Electroplate UFP-300A300mm Wafer Electroplating tool with 3 chemistry c1 East Fishkill, NY
188898 FSI ORIONSurface Preparation System1 Dresden, Saxony
183751 GTX Marketing Wet BenchWet Support bench1 Singapore,
191535 LAM Research Corp. 2300 ELDWCoP Electorless Deposition 1 Dresden, Saxony
191536 LAM Research Corp. 2300 ELDWCoP Electorless Deposition 1 Dresden, Saxony
191537 LAM Research Corp. 2300 ELDWCoP Electorless Deposition 1 Dresden, Saxony
Lufran SB5-403-A11Process Tank/Heater/Process Controller2 3,100.00 Scotia, NY
Lufran SBSERIESTeflon Process Tank Heater1 2,200.00 Scotia, NY
192489 Microtech AWB CustomAcid wet bench with 7 process modules1 N*Sunnyvale, California
Modutek Custom Solvent BenchSolvent Wet Bench1 N*Sunnyvale, California
Modutek QA14-DA1Constant Temperature Bath1 1,575.00 Scotia, NY
187756 SANKYO SWH80Wet Salicide Strip Bench1 Singapore,
SANKYO SWH80Missing Parts Tool1 N*Singapore,
189086 SANKYO SWH80Wet Oxide Etch, Automated Bench1 Singapore,
190270 SEMES WS-820L1 Singapore,
Semi-Tool Raider GT ECD1 Malta, NY
Semi-Tool WST 306 MGSpray Solvent Tool1 Scotia, NY
Semi-Tool WST 406 MGSpray Solvent Tool2 F*Scotia, NY
Semitool R_310_FMC2Semitool Raider Electroetch, 300mm, Wet Etch1 East Fishkill, New York
SEMSYSCO GalaxyBatch Solvent Photoresist Strip System1 Dresden, SN
SEZ 201 Backside EtcherBackside Etcher1 Singapore,
Steag-Mattson TiW Etch ToolWet Etch tool 1 Fishkill, NY
Tel Expedius1 Taichung, Taichung City
Tokyo Electron Limit ExpediusTEL Expedius 300mm1 Singapore,
192828 Tokyo Electron Limit Expedius300mm Wet Clean 1 N*Taichung, Taichung City
192829 Tokyo Electron Limit ExpediusSC1/BHF Wet Process1 N*Taichung, Taichung City
181822 Universal Plastics Solvent Bench1 Singapore,

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Wet Process Equipment:
Accel, Akrion, Amerimade Technologies, Applied Materials Inc., Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., Ebara, FSI, GTX Marketing, LAM Research Corp., Lufran, Microtech, Modutek, SANKYO, SEMES, Semi-Tool, Semitool, SEMSYSCO, SEZ, Steag-Mattson, Tel, Tokyo Electron Limited, Universal Plastics Corporation